Down in the Valley

My Honey celebrated his birthday yesterday. He’s been working so hard and I thought he needed a weekend away, especially because this is the first time since graduating law school that he didn’t have a work conference to attend on his birthday weekend. (Seriously — two jobs and both of them had annual firm meetings the same time every year.)

I told my husband it was just an overnight trip, so he was quite surprised when I picked him up from work Friday and told him we were on our way to Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa. Neither of us had ever been but it met all of my criteria: price, close to home, golf and a spa. Plus, I was fairly certain Honey would love it because he’s definitely one of those “get away from it all” types.

In retrospect, it was probably not so smart to drive through the North Georgia mountains in the dark. Small, twisty-turny mountain roads with no lighting, in the middle of nowhere. Just a little bit scary. Heck, when we drove home Sunday afternoon, I was still quite intimidated, and it was a beautiful sunny day!

We didn’t arrive until 9 p.m. but still was able to do a little exploring of the main resort before we called it a night. Both of us just loved the main lobby area, with it’s high, beamed ceilings and the gorgeous stone fireplace and chimney in the center. The antler chandeliers were kind of cool, if a little more country than our decorating style.

Our room was really nice, with a king-sized bed and a sitting area complete with couch. We had the mountain view side of the resort and lucked out with a corner room, so neighbors on only one side. The balcony looked out on the waterfall lawn and golfcourse behind us (photo above) and the aforementioned “waterfall” was right beneath our window. I’m sure many people find the sound of a waterfall incredibly relaxing but mostly it just made me think it was either raining or that I needed to go to the bathroom! LOL!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, though, and we spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon on one of those swings, reading and relaxing. (I made it through two books* during the weekend and also about half of the embroidery for one block of a Melly & Me quilt pattern.)

While my better half was traversing the links, I hit up the spa. Divine! I left wishing I’d booked a couple of additional treatments instead of just a massage and mani/pedi. I’m thinking I need to convince a couple of girls to go up for a weekend of sewing & pampering or just pampering. LOL!

We took a leisurely trip home yesterday and were welcomed back by a very happy dog and two hungry cats who would not leave us alone for a second. That’s love.

* Don’t judge me; I never said I had high standards in literature.