Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Something made me think about this picture a little while ago, so I had to hunt it down. Taken at Easter 2006, so Miss L would have been around 18 months old. She’s changed so much in just three short years. But she’s still my little sweetheart.

Baby Ballerina

Miss L’s version of first position for my (mostly) Wordless Wednesday.

Thankful: 6. Being able to laugh at myself. 7. Steeply discounted gym memberships. 8. Having my class not make so I have a free Saturday without work or a cross-country race. 9. Nick Saban. Roll Tide! 10. A quiet day to spend however I’d like. 11. The contributions and sacrifices made by the veterans and members of our armed forces. Thanks, Daddy! 12. A nice, warm bowl of soup on a cold fall night.