Petal Pretty

Among the folks I met at Market this year was this amazingly sweet gal, Violet. We got to hang out a bit at Schoolhouse (and possibly irritate someone with our whispering), have lunch with a group of friends and even won door prizes from the equally sweet Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she had to leave Market early so we didn’t get to hang out as much as I’d have liked, so now I just get to stalk her on the Internet.


Violet was carrying the cutest purse and of course I had to ask her about it. Of course, she’d made it. And there’s a pattern for it! From Indygo Junction! Woooooo! Lucky me picked up my very own pattern at sample spree, brought it home, started it and…OK, it took me three weeks to get back to it but I had a craft show and Thanksgiving thrown in there, too. Obviously not my fault. Right?

But now it’s done and I love it. Love. It!

I used a really rich purple fine wale cord from Robert Kaufman for the exterior, an aqua Ta Dot from Michael Miller for the lining, various scraps from my scrap bins for the petals and some strapping from Echino. The pattern calls for 1-1/2″ strapping but I used 1″ since that’s what I found at the shop. I also used a parachute buckle instead of D rings because I had it on hand (and really wanted to sew instead of running out to the store for purse hardware). Along the same lines, I substituted sew-in magnetic disks for the pronged magnetic purse clasp since it was in my magic sewing box.

I’m not a quilter and I think some of the challenges I had with the bag were directly related to that. My echo quilting is kind of messed up and I have some puckers in the quilting, too. Not enough of a bother for me to rip out and re do, since it’s for me, but I definitely would have fixed it were I gifting it. If I had to do it over again, I would cut the front purse piece and fusible fleece maybe 2″ bigger on each side, quilt, then trim to the right dimensions and square it up, which would fix the weird shifty mess I made as a result of the quilting.

It’s a nice, roomy bag and I love all the pockets, especially the hidden pocket on the back of the bag. It’s an ingenious touch and will be perfect for tucking in my keys or iPhone. The purse is so bright and pretty, and I can’t wait to start showing it off!