So, where were we? Dragoncon. Costumes. Geekery. I pretty much had a plan for what costumes I was making for DC this year before last year’s con ended. And, as usual, that plan went right out the window. Blah blah blah procrastinationcakes. That wasn’t the only reason, but let’s run with it instead of getting bogged down with all the other boring crizzap. You might have noticed that I’m kind of a big fan of Urban Threads. When the site… Read more »

I have to admit that I’m enjoying this embroidery thing. It’s pretty relaxing and definitely more portable than sewing, even if I’m never quite sure that I know what I’m doing. I finished up this project last night. I embroidered a geisha on a pair of my jeans, on the lower right leg near the hem. Not quite how I’d hoped it would turn out but it’s growing on me. The design came from Urban Threads. I also purchased a… Read more »