Gratitude 2009

I’m bringing back Thankful for 30 this year. You can read all about it here.

My MacBook is still at “the spa,” but I’ll add a Mr. Linky as soon as I can for those who want to participate. (blogging from my iPhone has challenges.)

ETA: My MacBook is home! I feel like I’m back in touch with the world at large again, although I’m still trying to work out the kinks that sprouted from replacing the hard drive. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

You’re welcome to sign up with the Mr. Linky widget if you’re taking part in this year’s Thankful for 30. Feel free to grab the little graphic, too.

1. Sunny Fall days and more in the forecast.
2. Finding the stash of checks after I ran out.
3. Bringing home my MacBook with its shiny new hard drive.

Baby Ballerina

Miss L’s version of first position for my (mostly) Wordless Wednesday.

Thankful: 6. Being able to laugh at myself. 7. Steeply discounted gym memberships. 8. Having my class not make so I have a free Saturday without work or a cross-country race. 9. Nick Saban. Roll Tide! 10. A quiet day to spend however I’d like. 11. The contributions and sacrifices made by the veterans and members of our armed forces. Thanks, Daddy! 12. A nice, warm bowl of soup on a cold fall night.


Thankful for 30.

That’s my sort of unofficial theme for November. For the next 30 days, I’m going to focus on the positive. I really try to do that anyway but I think it’s something I really need to make a priority right now when I’m overwhelmed by all the “musts” and “needs” of life in general and the holidays in particular.

For the next 30 days — the entire month of November — I’m going to write down at least one thing for which I am thankful each day. If I have a blog entry that day, I’ll include my thankful thing in it. Otherwise, I’ll Twitter it or write it on a Post-it note or jot it on the back of a piece of junk mail. However I do it, I’m going to put it in writing so I can commit to my gratitude.

I hope you’ll play along, too. I’m trying my first little Mister Linky sign up and I’ve got this little graphic you can swipe, too, for posting on your blog or web site. And I really hope you do, because I’m going to feel really silly to have an empty Mister Linky. 😉

1. I am thankful for jeans with Spandex because they still fit me even after hoovering most of the bunny’s trick-or-treat haul.