ModKid Style

I love me some Patty Young. Not only is she talented, but she’s super sweet. And doesn’t hate me even after I wake her up at some ridiculously early hour by sending her text messages. (Still not too good with the time zone thing.)

I have been on pins and needles awaiting the release of her book, Sewing ModKid Style, and could not wait to crack it open and get sewing. It’s chock full of great information about sewing with knits and I devoured every word, then got to sewing.

Sewing ModKid Style

I’ve amassed quite a stash of knits so I pulled out some I knew Miss L would love and traced off the Leggings and Not-so-Plain Tee patterns. My little tiny is such a pea;I opted for a 5 in the tee, even though the size chart dictated a smaller size. The length was perfect but the width a bit roomy (should have stuck with the sizing guide!). I made the leggings in a 4 with the length of a 6, which yielded a perfect fit. This is pretty typical of my experience sewing for L (I use a 4 with the length of a 6 in my own patterns) so why I deviated on the shirt is beyond me.

I used my serger to add a lettuce hem to the sleeves, leggings and shirt bottom. The Wooly Nylon is a nice touch. On the neckline, I opted to use fold-over elastic (commonly referred to as FOE) because I’ve been itching to try it and have a bit in my stash. My friend Myrinda passed along some helpful tips and I only had to rip out the elastic once.

I’m eager to sew even more from the book and hope to knock out the Bloom Dress and another pair of leggings after dinner tonight. And I’m seriously thinking a cute ModKid swimsuit is in our future. Patty just makes it look so easy!

Into Twilight

Are you familiar with this whole Twilight phenomenon? It’s possibly a little wacky if you’re not into the books (or the movie and it’s upcoming sequels) but fans come in all ages — and include me. And a few of my friends.

I needed a break from some other things on which I was working, so I dusted off the Yudu and made a couple of tees to surprise a friend. I was a little afraid that they wouldn’t turn out, since I haven’t done too much with the screenprinter and my results have been inconsistent.

Luckily, the lapse in use didn’t erase everything I’d learned and I actually pulled these two shirts with minimal gnashing of teeth and sweating the details. Whew!

They’ve made their way to their new home and I can’t wait to see them modeled. Of course, I may still need to make one for little ol’ me …