Summer Whites

It’s taken me a while to get around to sewing the Portabello Pixie Analise but I finally got to it this week and whipped up a sweet summery dress for Miss L.

I picked up the fabric from Joann’s after fondling it over the course of several trips to thte store. (Don’t act like you don’t do the same thing.) I bought it even though I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do with it, although I had an inkling that it would make a lovely dress. It’s a little tough to see here but the fabric is criss-crossing pintucks with criss-crossing pieces of white lace. (Here’s a close up.) Just a very sweet and feminine fabric.

I lucked out in buying yardage for this dress. Seriously. I had just enough to make it. Although I did use a plain white Egyptian cotton for the straps (also for the bodice lining). I just thought that would be more comfortable than the lace right against her skin. (See the back of the dress here.)

One thing I didn’t realize about the fabric until it was too late: the lace is polyester. Which meant my very hot iron melted it when I was pressing one piece. Fortunately, it was a very small area that’s pretty much hidden, but definitely something I paid attention to during the rest of the garment construction process.

I skipped adding a binding to the hem and just did a minimal turned hem for it. If I weren’t so lazy, I probably would have done a hem facing (and French seams) because the fabric really seems to call for more of an heirloom-sewing approach. But I really wanted to get it done so I took the easy way out.

The finished dress will be perfect to wear to her brother’s high school graduation in a couple of weeks, and then maybe for some other special days this summer (don’t ask me what; I have no clue). And maybe for her very late 4-year portraits …

Back in the Saddle

I’ve been taking a sort of mini vacation from sewing. It’s not that I’m growing weary of it, not by a long shot. More like I needed some time to recharge the batteries before I get a bad case of the burnouts.

Plus, with all three kids home for big chunks of the day during the summer, it’s hard to find the place in my head I need to be when I sit down in front of the sewing machine. Someone always needs my attention, whether it’s to locate running shoes or note that we’re out of milk or to complain about a sibling. Or sometimes to tell me how unfair I am for expecting beds to be made every morning.

Today, the youngest one was off at VBS, the middle one at summer school and the oldest at work. Approximately two hours of peace and quiet where I could do anything I wanted. After doing a little Internet surfing, I headed downstairs to sew.

I made it about halfway through my project, the Little Prairie Dress by Favorite Things. With any luck, I’ll finish up tomorrow and snap a picture to share. But right now, I’m just enjoying the process and the peace of mind that comes with creating.

And the peace that comes with having the house to myself, at least for a little while every day.