Girl on Film

We were blessed with the most fun houseguests the past few days: My sister-in-law Jenn, her husband and their daughter. Oh my! What fun we have had. They are so awesome and we always have the best time when we’re able to visit with them, although I think we’ve all been a bit sleep deprived from staying up too late talking and laughing!

The big reason for the trip was so that Jenn and I could shoot some new promo pics. I’ve mentioned before that she’s an insanely talented singer/songwriter; recently she’s been picked up by a digital distributor, so her music is now available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Music and even Combined with a very successful workout regime, it was obvious that new photos were a must. (You know, because we need an excuse to spend time together. 😉 )

I rented some studio space at Studio Space Atlanta, which opened not that long ago. What a cool place! Because I pretty much exclusively shoot on available light, I opted for the small natural light studio and its three-hour minimum. It turned out to be perfect, although it would have been much more comfortable if it had been warmer. The natural light comes in via two loading dock doors, which is great — except Monday’s high was around 43 degrees. I took a small space heater with us and, boy, was I glad for that because it was COLD! LOL! We lowered the doors whenever we weren’t shooting, which helped. And laughed a lot.

In spite of the frigid temps, it was just so much fun and we were so excited to see even the tiny previews on my camera’s LCD. The time just flew! I think we could easily have filled another hour or two, especially after my friend/assistant, Michael, arrived to lend a hand. (Seriously, he was such a great help and great company, too.) By the time it was all done, I think I ended up with nearly 200 photos, which I think I managed to narrow down to around 80 really strong images Jenn can use for her promotional stuff (mostly ads, posters and the like). But I think the best part was just having some great bonding time with my little sis.