My book arrived yesterday.

I knew it was coming and knew it would be here by 3 p.m. Wednesday, but I somehow was still not prepared when I picked up the envelope next to my front door.

My book.

I think most people would have just ripped into it right then and there. I’m not most people.

Instead, I thought about opening the envelope and felt like crying. Crying. I’m such a freak.

So I stuck the envelope in my bag and figured I’d be ready to open it…eventually. “Eventually” doesn’t work when you’ve told your friends and family on Facebook the book is on it’s way, and then that you have it but can’t open it. Still, I couldn’t do it.

Until this morning.

Maybe I can just pull the tab a little bit…

Maybe I can pull it all the way off…

Not so bad! Hey, what’s that peeking out?

Well, hello there!

Hey, that’s me!

It’s all flippy n stuff!

My book. My. Book.


Susanne Woods, the acquisitions editor at C&T, wrote a beautiful introduction to Little Girls, Big Style on the Stash blog. It almost made me cry, too.