I started saving my fabric scraps because other people made me feel guilty for tossing them out. They’re perfectly good pieces of fabric, I’ve been told. Plenty of life left in them.

And that is why I now have 1-1/2 outdoor trash bags filled with scrap pieces of fabric. Know what I’ve done with them? Pretty much nothing. Instead, they are taking up space in my laundry room and life. I think y’all know what that means.

Yes, I’m giving them away! Three lucky winners will receive a Flat-Rate Envelope stuffed with scraps. Most are pre-washed; some are not. I’ll try to stick with all wovens but I make no guarantees about sizes — just know that anything 1/2 yard or smaller ends up in my scrap bag. Amy Butler, Sis Boom, imported European and Japanese fabrics. You name it; there’s probably a scrap there.

And more scraps than you can shake a stick at can be yours. Just comment below and you’re entered. I’ll draw three names from my lucky Junior League ballcap on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

What are you waiting for? Good luck!