Miss L’s sixth birthday fell on a Saturday this year. Between Halloween, Quilt Market and bad weather, I didn’t get around to taking her birthday portraits until last week. Exactly one month after her birthday, to be precise.

It’s amazing how much she’s changed in only one year. Two new teeth. Less of that baby face. Reading. (Reading!) And much better at taking direction during these little photo shoots of ours, which has made them far more fun for the two of us.

The weather was a little on the cool side and a wee bit drizzly, but it also made for some nice light conditions so I’m not going to complain. The skirt is made with the Dr. Seuss fabric line from Robert Kaufman; the pattern is my On-the-Border Skirt, sans the ruffle. Basic Target white tee paired with a too-small denim jacket from Gap that L refuses to give up. Dr. Seuss Converse that I bought in anticipation of putting them with something I made from the fabric (oh, like you wouldn’t have done the same thing).

I’ve already printed about two dozen of our photos from that day and have plans to blow up a couple for the house and give some to grandparents as Christmas gifts. And loved on that model a whole bunch, since I know how fleeting these moments are.


My son is a senior in high school.

My baby is a senior.

That sweet little chubby-cheeked cherub — so fat he could not even lift himself to crawl — is now six feet tall and employed. And graduating from high school in just a few short months.

Our plan has been for me to do his senior portraits but finding the time has been a challenge. He and his brother are home today, thanks to a teacher workday, so I chased him out of bed this morning so we could take pictures. Poor, sleepy baby! LOL! We had a lot of fun with the picture taking, although there was a great deal of good-natured teasing on both ends. And some whining (that came from one person only, whose shall remain nameless but he is male and his name rhymes with Poshua). I’d hoped to get about 10 really good shots and ended up with closer to 40. A few of my favorites: