Kimono Cutie

Remember my string of sewing disasters? This top is actually made with the same dress pattern that went so horribly awry a couple of months ago.

I took a chance that it would work in a woven since it called for a zipper and I’m delighted that I was right. I also sized down, which was again the right choice to make. Whew! I feel so much better about this pattern after sewing it successfully.

The top is made with an Alexander Henry fabric (Kimono Cuties, IIRC) that’s been hanging out in my stash for a while. I’d actually wanted to make a top this style but hadn’t found a pattern I liked (and really was too lazy to draft my own). It’s always gratifying when something turns out like I’d envisioned. Plus it’s just a nice easy-to-sew casual outfit that Miss L can where to school or wherever (including the birthday party that preceded this picture).

The pants are just a basic elastic-waist pant with ruffles. The fabric is a cute corduory polka dot from Joann’s. I wish I’d bought more when I had the chance because neither of the stores near me has it in stock any longer and it’s a nice basic to use instead of a solid cord. (I’m hardly deprived in the cord department; I have a shelf of nothing but corduroy and Sarah has just stocked a bunch of Robert Kaufman cord at the shop*.)

Thankful: 15. Cool craft fairs, catching up with friends and an awesome birthday party celebration. 16.  Lazy Sundays. 17. Sunny afternoons watching my daughter ride her bike in the cul de sac. 18. My texting plan. So much easier to communicate with my teen across a crowded room! 19. The heated mattress pad on our bed during these unseasonably cold mornings.

* Through Nov. 30, readers of my blog can save 20% at! Follow the link and the coupon will automatically be added to your cart. Thanks, Sarah!

Farbenmix & Fledge Fashion Show

As much fun as I’ve had with the red plaid Cardiff pants, I was itching to do a less conservative pair. I think I accomplished that with these pants.

Both fabrics are from Joann’s and part of the fall juvenile apparel line. They are a heavier weight cotton, more of a twill than a quilting cotton but not quite that heavy. They’re just the right weight, though, to hold those pleats nice and crisp.

I made these before my minor sewing meltdown, although they’re not without problems. I’d wanted them a little longer than the red plaid pair, so I added a squint to the seam allowances here and there. Silly me added the length in the wrong place! For some crazy reason, I added to the yoke/saddle, which makes the rise longer. I should have added to the upper pants leg where it meets the pleated leg panels (and probably a touch of length to those panels, too). *sigh* They’re still cute and they fit, even if I know they’re not quite right.

I’ve got quite a few ideas in mind for this pattern and can’t wait to make some more. I think I’ll even make a pair for one of my nieces, who’s a bit of a rock-and-roll princess.

I’ve had the Farbenmix Kim pants pattern forever but never got around to sewing it. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a ridiculous number of patterns and a “to sew” list that grows by the hour. Part of it may also had to do with the fact that I get twitchy about sewing pants with lots of parts. No particular reason why; I just do. And there are quite a few pieces to this pattern. Oh, but look how fabulous they are! The fabric is again from Joann’s (seriously, there is such cuteness there, I can’t stand it) and definitely a pants-appropriate weight. I don’t mind using quilting cotton for pants but I think it really is better to use a heavier weight fabric, especially for fall and winter.

These pants run slim, which is great for my girl. I do think I need to trim the rise just a touch. It’s a little full for my potty trained Miss L. But other than that, they’re awesome.

The shirt, on the other hand, is a mess and a half. It’s the Zoe raglan tee, also from Farbenmix, and I really should have trusted my instincts when I was working on it. I did lengthen the shirt about an inch and a half, which was the right decision. So why I didn’t cut the ribbing for the neckline differently is beyond me. (For the record, I sewed this top around the time when all of my sewing disasters were happening.) I followed the pattern instructions for the ribbing size and sewing, in spite of the fact that I *knew* the ribbing was too long for the neckline and that I always get better results serging the neckline in the round than in the flat. And that’s how I ended up with a strange funnel neck look to the shirt. Kind of makes you wonder why I didn’t rip it off, cut a new one and fix it, doesn’t it? I’ve got no answer. What I do know is that I’m going to remake the shirt before the weather changes so my daughter doesn’t have to wear that hot mess out of the house. (I think I’ll repurpose this one for a pair — or three — of the That Darn Kat panties. She can wear them under the pants.)

Funky Pants

In between sewing some orders, I’ve been working on some fall clothes for the little miss (and my Etsy), as well as a little something for me.

It’s another pattern from my “someday” collection — those ones I bought to sew something for myself more than a year ago and never got around to it. These pants are Simplicity 4023, one of the company’s It’s So Easy line of patterns (it does appear to be out of print, however). No joke, either. I think they were done in an hour or so. Of course, they’re not quite done; I still need to hem them.

I used a linen blend from Joann‘s in one of my favorite colors, a dark teal. They are so incredibly comfortable! I want to make a complete buffet of wide-leg pants now, in every color under the rainbow. OK, maybe not every color. Black and navy for sure, though. I’m not sure how flattering they are. Even my oldest, who took this picture, said my legs looked “chunky” if I stood a certain way, even though he knows they are not. (Good save, kiddo!) I think I’ll have to wear them with a slim tee or tank to balance the volume on the bottom.

Sew Sweet

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind thoughts sent my way. I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things today and through the rest of the weekend. So let’s get back to a little crafty talk, shall we?

We’re off to see the wizard! A friend asked if I could pull this together for her daughter. How could I say no? She ordered the Wizard of Oz fabric from Superbuzzy (oh, how I love that place!). The dress is the Farbenmix Marieke. It’s the first time I’ve made it with both pockets but I think the red needed a little breaking up. It’s also been lengthened, since the sweetie who’ll be wearing it is tall. The polka dot is Jason Yenter for In the Beginning; I think it’s my new favorite dot. Before I received the Oz fabric, I’d thought I’d do a full lining with peekaboo underskirt. It’s such a heavy fabric, though, that I feared too many layers would make the dress uncomfortably heavy (and warm) for a little girl.

This little outfit is the one I was working on Tuesday. It evolved from this one made for Miss L. When I was asked about revamping the top, I immediately knew the above style was more suited for the future wearer. (I’m fortunate to have seen many a picture of this little girl over the past few years.) I did a quick sketch, sent it to the mom and got to work.

I tell you, it’s quite different to sew for a size 5 than a size 2! Lots more fabric — necessitated not only by the size but the style. The halter dress is nearly three full yards of fabric. In comparison, L’s peasant top is about a yard. I think the bottom ruffle turned out to be more than 200 inches of fabric! I’ll be making only one more of these sets, this one a duplicate of the original, which will use up the last bits of my pretty embroidered cream fabric. It’s one of my backburner projects, though, since it’s not needed in its new home until May.

In the meantime, I have quite a bit to keep me busy: a couple of orders from my Etsy shop (cut out and ready to sew! Go, me!), a couple of apron orders from a friend, some Try It! projects and a stack of fun things I’m itching to start working on. Oh, the fun we’re going to have here on ye olde Craft Addict blog!

Hey — if you are in the Atlanta area, you don’t want to miss this weekend’s Shop Hop! It’s going on now and there are some great giveaways to be had. It’s a really fun annual event and a great way to get around to all of the area’s fabulous quilt shops. I may or may not have done a little “hopping” myself today. (Shhhh! Fabric’s in the wash!)