The Kindergartener-to-Be

I decided yesterday that Miss L needed something new to wear when I took her to register for Kindergarten.


Yes, the last of my babies will be off to school this Fall. Bittersweet, for sure, but it’s hard to look at this face and not share a bit of her excitement. We pass the elementary school every day on our way to her preschool and she never fails to point it out on our travels.

I needed something bright and cheery to match her mood, and these new Michael Miller fabrics were just the thing. I swooned over them when Sarah was considering ordering them for the shop. As soon as they came in, I started buying pieces of the collection. (I think I’m up to six different prints. Shhhh!)

The top is one of my favorite patterns, the ModKid Frida. I’ve been intending to sew another (actually have the fabric for three others!) but just haven’t gotten around to it until now. I made the 4/5 again and actually planned to make a dress — right up until I realized that I didn’t have enough of the hedgehogs to make that happen. Whoops! I lopped off the bottom of the pattern an inch at a time until I could make it work. Obviously I was planning a shirt when I bought the yardage.

I did make the hem band a little more narrow than the pattern called for, just to change it up a bit. The bodice and sleeves are lined with the same fabric as the exterior, since I actually did buy enough of that.

The hat is a new pattern for me, the Izzy n Ivy Jack and Jill. I ran into a little problem but the awesome Jana of Izzy n Ivy saw my tweet and gave me just the info I needed to finish it up. I may have modified the hat a little, too, but mostly that was because it was getting late (I finished up about 11 p.m. Wednesday night) and I’m relatively lazy when it comes to some parts of the construction process.

The ruffled capri jeans are another of my recycled too-short pants projects. They really are an awesome way to use up something that no longer fits in length but is just fine in the waist. Also? Super fast. You know how I love me some fast projects.

As always, the true test was L’s reaction to the outfit. See that face? That is the face of a happy customer, for sure. So happy was she, in fact, that the outfit had to go with us to gymnastics this afternoon so she could put it all back on before we left. (Usually she’s happy to wear her leotard home.)


I fell in love with Rosie‘s fabrics for Lecien when I saw them in Houston last October. I’ve never made my love for all things Melly & Rosie a secret, so it’s likely not a surprise that I could not wait to get my grubby, needs-a-manicure hands on some of this yummy fabric.

Which is why it’s taken me three months to finally buy some.

OK, not really. The real reason is that 1) I’ve been incredibly wrapped up in The Project to the point that I’ve had no time — or interest — for personal sewing and 2) I try to know what I’m going to make with a fabric before I buy it because my tendency is to collect and I try to keep that from happening.


After a nearly three-month break from sewing (with only a couple of exceptions), I finally regained my focus and was ready to dive into Grandmother’s Flower Garden. Luckily for me, Sarah had recently received a shipment of the new ModKid sewing patterns. In no time at all, I’d grabbed the Isabel, a couple of bolts of fabric and was picturing the results in my head.

The two main prints I used are from Rosie’s line (or range, as those Aussies call it) but I pulled a great polka dot from Henry Glass to accent. Polka dots just make me happy and I love using them with anything and everything!

Miss L was a little skeptical about the dress when I showed her the pattern and fabrics but she quickly came around after it was sewn. I did make a couple of goofs while sewing but nothing I can’t live with. When you take a crack at it, make sure you really pay attention to sewing around the straps so they come out nice and even, with pretty points. And look at the stitching diagram of the pocket before you sew it so the little swoop at the bottom retains its shape. Patty does such a great job of making sure the instructions are clear and complete, so I really have no one but myself to blame.

I’m loaning the dress to the shop until the weather warms up, so you can check it out in person if you’re in the Atlanta area. And I’ve got some more Grandmother’s Flower Garden sewing on the agenda next week with a quilt that also is destined for the shop. First, though, I need to finish sketching it out and making sure I have all the measurements right before I cut it.