Headless No More

Meet Maureen, my Pullip.

I felt like a proper introduction was in order, after sharing her in a less-than-flattering shape a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a helpful friend, I purchased an Obitsu body for her and now she’s ready for some fun.

Maureen is a Little Red Riding Hood Pullip and has the most beautiful red hair and green eyes. Her stock costume doesn’t fit this body — it’s a little bit bigger — so I ran to the store and picked up a Barbie dress for her to wear until I can sew something for her. Boy, have Barbie clothes changed in the past 30 years. I had a rough time finding something that I could actually stomach. Definitely need to make this girl some clothes.

I was surprised to find myself interested in Pullips at all. I’ve found dolls, in general, rather creepy since watching Poltergeist as a youngster. (I’d rather not relive that particular horror, so I’m not going into details here.) Cruising Flickr gave me the chance to see a world I’d never before imagined and I soon found myself daydreaming about owning a Pullip. It wasn’t long before I started looking at online stores and finally buying one.

Of course, it then took more than a year for me to break her out of her box. Why? I’m not totally sure. I wanted the time to devote to sewing for her and taking pictures, but never found a big enough chunk to let me do either. The day Miss L found my poor, boxed LRRH, she insisted I open her right then. Who can say no to a bossy three-year-old?

And now I’m thinking Maureen needs a friend, preferably someone with curly hair. Guess I’ve found another hobby.