Now that I’ve gotten past some big deadlines, I’ve suddenly found myself able to sew things just for fun. Just because I want to. It’s liberating and intimidating, all at the same time. Some days, I can’t figure out where to start so I end up doing fun things like laundry. Others, I head to the sewing machine and don’t move until it’s time to get my daughter from the bus. My session with Allie the Owl fell under the… Read more »

I really love the styling of the Oliver + S patterns and just finished up another outfit. This time I combined the Puppet Show shorts with the Swingset Tunic. The shorts are made with a pretty natural-colored linen. Very soft and summery, I think. I goofed on the bias leg binding this time (and really couldn’t tell you what I did wrong), so the legs aren’t gathered quite as much as they should be. I think they still turned out… Read more »

My sweetie pie cousin and her honey came for a visit again this weekend, this time so we could all go to the RenFest. While the weather has been pretty nice all week, it rained yesterday. On and off. All day. Any plans I had to take lots of great pictures at the RenFest were dashed, since I didn’t have much interest in ruining my 30D. We did manage to snap a couple of pictures in the parking lot before… Read more »