Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I’ve had these London Fog boots for at least 15 years, maybe longer. They’re not worn often but certainly useful on those occasions that warrant pulling them from the recesses of my closet. Like this little snowstorm we’re “enjoying.” Five inches of snow at my house with a delightfully fun crust of ice. It sure was nice to look at, though:

We’ve been holed up in the house, watching way too much TV and eating too much junk food, with maybe a little bit of time playing outside.

Miss L keeps insisting it’s Christmas, because of course it only snows on Christmas. She enjoyed hurling snow at us while we shoveled the driveway yesterday (one of those things I never thought a good Southern girl would be doing in the South) and laughed nervously while sledding across the ice-coated snow. The dogs have been far less enamored of the snow and seem quite content to spend the day on their bed. I think they might be on to something…