Not a Pumpkin

Miss L has been rather insistent that she’s going to be a princess for Halloween. I have tried over and over again to convince her to be something else (namely, Little Red Riding Hood since I still have the Kinsale Cloak I made her last Halloween) but there’s been no swaying her. Princess, she’d insist. A pink princess.

She really liked the princess from Happily N’Ever After, so I sketched this dress, which I thought was a little more appropriate for a four year old. The foundation of the costume is Burda 9702 but mostly I just used the bodice and drafted the skirts myself. (The underskirt is very similar in construction to the inset ruffled panel tutorial I have here on my blog, although I did not turn under the top edge since they are obscured by the ruffle on top of each.)

Of course, in the middle of constructing this taffeta masterpiece, Liesl came home from preschool and announced that she was going to be a pumpkin for Halloween. That daughter of mine can be such a comedienne! As you can see, she didn’t get her way — not that she seems too put out by having to be a princess.

I added a beautiful lace trim to the sleeves, as well as a contrasting panel of fabric edge with pearly ribbon to the bodice. I do wish that I’d cut the contrast panel a little wider at the top; I miscalculated when making allowances for the seam at the neckline.

Those who follow my Twitter feed know that I had a small construction disaster yesterday: I attached the bodice with the right side facing in. Lucky me discovered this after completely finishing the waist seam, too, serging and all. Perhaps you heard the cussing? I have no idea why I deviated from my usual routine, which is to check that I’ve put the pieces together after I’ve pinned but before I sew; however, I can guarantee I won’t make that mistake again. The taffeta is so fine and I don’t think it would have held up to having the seam ripped open, so I just got out my scissors and literally cut the bodice from the skirt. I lost about a half an inch in length and it made for a bulkier seam at the waist, but I don’t think it’s too noticeable.

Her highness certainly isn’t complaining.

Sweetly Spooky

Did you ever come across a fabric and have such a gut reaction to it that you had to buy it, right then and there? That’s kind of how I felt when I stumbled upon these cute trick-or-treating bears at Joann’s. They’re not my style at all, and yet I could not resist them. Had to have ’em. Bought 1-1/2 yards, even though I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do with them.

At the same time, I picked up that pretty embroidered black cotton. It’s kind of got a linen feel to it, even though it’s 100 percent cotton. I thought it would make great ruffled pants to go under whatever cute thing I made with the bears.

I think I was right.

It’s such an understated outfit but I just love how it turned out. The top is from one of my Japanese sewing books, Girly Style Wardrobe. It’s really a great basic wardrobe piece and I think I’ll make a few more, although next time I’ll add some seam allowance to the bodice. I didn’t on this one because it’s a 100cm and some 98cm are a little roomy on Miss L. This one is a perfect fit but I’d rather have a little growing room. Not as important for this set, since she’ll probably only wear it two or three times, but a must for other shirts.

Sorry for the lack of modeling shot but the aforementioned little missy is at school. Actually, she’s staying an extra hour today for lunch bunch, so I’m off to the sewing studio to work on some orders (now that I’m not afraid they’ll end up trashed by my bad sewing karma).

Don’t forget — I’m doing the Scrapapalooza drawing today. You’ve still got a little time to enter because I won’t do the drawing until after we get home from gymnastics this afternoon.