Houston Round-Up: Fabrics

You can’t turn around at Quilt Market in Houston without seeing new fabric. It is everywhere. Hanging from rods as decoration in booths, cut and pieced for quilts, worn as dresses, tops and skirts by the designers. If it can be covered or sewn with fabric, it’s there for you to see and touch.

It wasn’t until I attended my first Market last year that I had even an inkling of how much fabric is produced for the retail market. Sarah carries such a huge volume at her shop and that inventory is a teeny tiny fraction of what’s out there.

I know everyone follows the big name fabric designers and has already seen and heard all about their new fabrics by now, so instead I’m going to hit on a few you may not know — but I think you should.

I met Jenean Morrison in Houston last year and thought she was just one of the sweetest Southern girls I’ve ever met. And so talented! Her next line is California Dreamin’ and it is just a joy. One of my favorite things about it, though, is that the colors and prints work so well with her current line, Picnic Parade. It’s like giving a little extra boost. Also? Jenean made the dress she’s wearing, which tickles me to no end because my first sewing project certainly did not turn out so nicely. Super, super cute and she wears it so well!

Given my happiness with expanding fabric options, it’s not surprising that I was excited to see Quilt Soup‘s new line (Simply Sweet) coordinates so nicely with Bubblegum Basics. I really loved the colors and prints in the first line and can’t wait to play with the new prints.

I’m completely in love with Rosie‘s upcoming line for Japanese fabric company Lecien. Grandmother’s Flower Garden is so sweet and feminine and very reflective of her style. The line also includes some of the prettiest laminated cotton I’ve ever seen. *swoon*

Have you heard of Riley Blake Designs? I fell in love with this year’s Christmas line — Be Merry — as soon as I laid eyes on it and my visit to their booth was just as fun. Next year’s Christmas and Halloween make me just as happy, and the non-holiday lines between now and then are just as cute.

The Windham Fabrics booth has become a must visit for me. How could I not want to see gals as cool as Genevieve Gail, Bari J. and Jessica Levitt and their respective fabric lines? Loved the skirt Jessica made from her debut line, too. I’m so glad she was a willing model because I think she’ll like this picture better than one I would have snuck from behind. LOL!

There was one line of fabric all four of us in the IQ group loved: The Gerta Collection by Marcia Derse for Troy. Seriously. Photos do not do it justice. It was just so cool and different and I absolutely fell in love with it. It was great to have the chance to talk with Marcia about her fabric and design process, too.

Note: My apologies for the total lack of pictures. I had a major camera malfunction on Saturday. As in, the lens I just had repaired before Spring Market died again. So all the pictures I was planning to take? Didn’t happen. Grrrrrr. And whiiiiinnneeeee.