Ruffle Love

My friend Katie has been sewing and selling the cutest little ruffled wristlet for a couple of years now. It’s seriously one of those things that has tempted me so many times because it’s just so darned cute. When Katie asked if I’d be willing to test the wristlet pattern for her, I did a goofy little jig that made my children and pets wonder if I’d lost my mind. Needless to say, I said yes.

I could not be more thrilled with the results. I made two of them fairly quickly, using some scraps of fabric I had on hand from some recently completed projects. Love, love, LOVE! The zipper was the trickiest part for me but I think it came together much easier than I expected. And it’s great that it can be made with small pieces of fabric, so it’s easy to make one to match every outfit. (Left wristlet made with Japanese fabrics from Lecien; right is made with JayMcCarroll’s new fabrics for FreeSpirit.)

Actually, when my son walked in and saw the first one (the Lecien), he immediately tried to walk off with it because he thought it would make a great gift for one of his girl friends. He’s totally right, of course: it would be perfect for a teen or even a little bitty thing like Miss L (who likes to tote around purses every chance she gets). Of course, he’ll have to make his own because I’m not giving up my wristlet! LOL!

You can check out the pattern in Katie’s Etsy shop.


Note: If you don’t want to read my latest Ebay and Etsy pimping, scroll down to the big bold “Giveaway Goodness” header and read that. It won’t hurt my feelings.

I’m taking part in three different Ebay/Etsy launches this month, so I’ve been clocking lots of hours in my sewing room the past couple of days. It’s been a lot of fun and I think I’ve got some fun things listed.

Up first is my listing with Boutique Angels Charity on Ebay. You might recognize the dress; it initially was in my Etsy. I’ve added a great pair of babywale corduroy ruffled pants to warm it up a bit. I’m so excited to be taking part in this launch, which benefits the Children of Fall Soldiers Relief Fund. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction will go to this charity, so please check out the listings and support this great cause.

I just listed in my Etsy an item for the Trendy Textiles launch, made with Sandi Henderson’s Portabello Pixie patterns (pictured). I just love the fun holiday fabric, especially since the colors are a little nontraditional! Miss L received lots of compliments on it during out little photo shoot. Me, I think the glittery silver shoes make it. LOL! (Seriously, she’s in love with those shoes and wants to wear them with EVERYTHING. I may have to hide them soon.) Be sure to check out the great things being listed by my Trendy Textiles peeps, especially if you’re doing some holiday shopping!

GIVEAWAY GOODNESS: Just a reminder that the October Scrapaplooza giveaway drawing is Wednesday, so there’s still time to comment and enter. My friend Caroline is hosting her own scrappy giveaway on her blog, so all you scrap lovers might want to head over there and enter. And I’d post about my friend Dawn’s great giveaway but then I might not win it.

3. I give thanks for the many wonderful people who are a part of my life.

Still Waiting

For fall, that is. Because then I can actually wear my fabulous new jacket!

I fell in love with the style when I sewed a similar one for the bunny. I couldn’t find one exactly like it but I found something close and just tweaked it. I think it’s a pretty good match.

The fabric is from the Park Slope line by Erin McMorris, which I lurve like nothing else. The color is just beautiful, such a deep raspberry and I think it’ll look great with jeans or maybe even a fall skirt.

I’ve been planning to add the little girl’s jacket a a you-pick-the-fabric custom to my Etsy and am contemplating doing the same with this one, but I’m not 100 percent certain yet.

Regardless, I think I’ll be making a couple more of these for my closet. Of course with coordinating jackets for Mini Me. 🙂

Going to the Farmer’s Market

I know y’all must get tired of me falling in love with the things I sew, but I’ve done it again. I was lucky enough to be a tester for a pattern and used some Farmer’s Market and Park Slope fabrics to make this darling peasant-style dress with apron.


And I’m a bit bummed, too, because I only have enough for one — and it’s in my Etsy shop. I messed up when cutting out the dress so instead of having one for the bitsy and one to sell, I only have this one. Is it wrong that I hope no one buys it so I can sneak it into her closet?

The dress is part of another Trendy Textiles launch, so be sure to show my buddies some love and see all the great things they’ve made. The theme is “Mommy Took Me to the Farmer’s Market” and features lots of great things for girls and moms.

Fun With Park Slope

We’re at it again! Our Trendy Textiles design team is doing another launch, this one on our “home base” (Etsy). We’re up to 24 listings with more being added every day.

My contribution for this launch is probably my current favorite outfit. I love fall; it’s my favorite season. And sewing fall clothes is tons of fun for me. Of course, we are a long way from fall weather here in the South but that doesn’t keep me from thinking about it. LOL!

I’m debuting a new top style with this set, The Tara Jumper top. This one uses a lovely brown babywale cord with that gorgeous orange fabric. The gauchos have an elastic waist and mostly straight legs, with a nice, big pocket on the outside of the right leg. There’s a touch of cluny lace on both pieces (the jumper hem and pants cuffs). I think I’m going to have to draft a pair of pants like this for me, complete with lace. They’d be so fun with a pair of boots or even tights and mary janes.

Skirt Flirt

I’ve been at it again. Making skirts, that is. They’re just so darn easy! Fast, too. I think these three took me no more than two hours — and that included drafting the pattern.

Casey Scroll skirtRobert Kaufman skirt

I used Sew What Skirts to guide me on the pattern drafting. I’ve drafted A-line skirts before but thought I’d take advantage of some professional advice. I’m happy with the results and even wore one yesterday as my oldest and I toured a college campus. (Totally made my day when a random passerby complimented it, too!)

Today I’ve been lounging around in my new tee. I love it! I bought it from Moxie Madness on Etsy; she was kind enough to list one in the size and color I wanted. I think I’m going to make a cute pair of capris to go with it, since the weather is warming up enough that jeans will soon be uncomfortable.

I’ll be taking a bit of a blog break the next few days as spring break comes to a close, but be sure to catch up with me next week. I have some BIG news to share!

Spring Sewing

Before launching into today’s topic, I’ll just touch on yesterday’s photo. Yes, the evil sock pile. I don’t match socks pretty much ever. I do so many of the chores (not that I’m complaining) and figure one of the tasks I truly despise can be done by someone else (the other is cleaning the bathroom; I’m still stuck with it). Since no one else likes to do it, we usually just end up pulling our socks out of the sock basket. Yeah, an entire laundry basket devoted to socks because we’re too lazy to match them and put them away. I pity my future daughters/son in law!

Moving on.

After Monday night’s dress fiasco, I woke up Tuesday morning without a sewing plan. It’s a strange feeling. I had a couple of customs to work on but am waiting on measurements for one and the fabric for the other was in the wash (it was slated for sewing today). I pulled out my Patternease and fabric, and went to town drafting an idea I’ve been stewing on.

It’s a sweet little two-piece set, a halter top and matching cropped pants. I really found a lot of inspiration in the fabric, to be totally honest. It just looked like something you’d wear on a warm, sunny day of lunch alfresco and a walk at the park.

The color is a little off in the pictures. The background of the two main fabrics is more pink, kind of like a pink lemonade. I really fell in love with the sort of Euro-style floral print and then when I found the coordinate — especially that groovy dotted swirl — I had to snatch them up immediately.

I always get a little nervous when I’m drafting a pattern but just held my breath and trusted my instincts that everything would come together the way I envisioned it.  The true test is always trying it on Miss L, and I was thrilled to see that it was a perfect fit. She, however, was far more interested in wearing something else and going outside to play. Of course! I had to bribe her to take this pictures by promising she could wear her new Target flip flops. Not sure how well they match the outfit but I’m not complaining.

I had a little bit of fabric left over, so I did add one of these to my Etsy.