Behind the Lens

My sister-in-law drove down from her Indiana home last month so we could play makeover and dress up and take pictures. Allegedly we were taking the pictures for her next CD, Crawl, but it’s hard to call it work when we’re both making faces and goofing off. Of course, it’s not all making faces, either.

Jenn Cristy

This is not the first time I’ve taken Jenn’s picture for promotional purposes or even for her CD art. I’m really lucky that she trusts me enough to let me play photographer for a day or two, and then play graphic designer and put together the CD packaging. It’s fun to dip my toes into my former life, without all the stress or pressure. And with Jenn, it never really feels like work.

Jenn Cristy

We decided to hire a makeup artist this go ’round and it was a terrific decision. If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for someone to do makeup, you must check out Lindze. Awesome gal, so sweet, professional and talented. She even helped with photo styling, which you will see on the CD cover…eventually. (Yep, keeping it under wraps until it’s out.) But these little sneak peeks give you an idea of what we were up to. You know, minus the giggling and singing and my occasional cussing at my camera lens (my 35mm lens only focuses sometimes-ugh).

I seriously think the photos from this shoot are among the best I’ve ever taken.

Technical details: Shot with my Canon 30D and a mix of lenses (Tamron 28-75, Canon 35mm) with natural light and a Canon 580ex Speedlite with Gary Fong Light Sphere to diffuse the bounced fill light.