After more than two years of working on back-to-back books, I’ve been a little burned out on sewing because I have to. Nothing takes the enjoyment out of something for me quite like the feeling that it’s work. And, while I do have some things to sew for Hack That Tote!, I am pretty giddy about having little sewing-by-obligation on my plate for the near future. It’s rather liberating, but also a little intimidating. I am far more productive when… Read more »

I always enjoy creating treasures from my stash, especially when I’ve had something — fabric or pattern — for a while and have no good excuse for the sewing delay. Last summer, I taught a private class at Intown Quilters and my students wanted to sew an article of clothing for themselves. I suggested the Schoolhouse Tunic, which had been hanging out in my pattern box, and they loved the idea. Of course, I had to make one for myself… Read more »

Do not adjust your computer screens. The outfit you see to the left was intentionally sewn big. LOL! My final sample for the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo and Greater Atlanta Shop Hop is the Flora Tunic & Twirl Skirt by Sew Liberated. I have long admired Meg’s aesthetic and was so excited when Sarah started carrying her patterns. This makes the third one I’ve sewn, I think! Because this was made as a shop sample, I intentionally made it… Read more »

There’s always a sense of accomplishment and relief for me after I drop off Miss L’s old clothes at the semiannual boutique consignment sale. It’s a bit of work to get to that point — especially if you wait until the day of your drop-off appointment to get everything ready, hypothetically speaking of course — but so much easier than some of the alternatives. I’ve been consigning at this sale for a couple of years now and confessed to the… Read more »

Meet Maureen, my Pullip. I felt like a proper introduction was in order, after sharing her in a less-than-flattering shape a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to a helpful friend, I purchased an Obitsu body for her and now she’s ready for some fun. Maureen is a Little Red Riding Hood Pullip and has the most beautiful red hair and green eyes. Her stock costume doesn’t fit this body — it’s a little bit bigger — so I ran to… Read more »