That Quilty Thing

A couple of months ago, Sarah and I were trying to figure out the whole Block of the Month thing for the shop for 2014. Our regular BOM teacher is taking a break this year, so we decided that the two of us will lead a Block of the Month. Or possibly she suggested that we do it and I dove in, feet first, and dragged her along with me before she changed her mind. (If you’ve met me, you probably can figure out which is the correct scenario.)

We figured out pretty quickly that we were on the same wavelength when it came to choosing a quilt and decided to take different approaches to the fabrics. She chose a beautiful neutral Essex linen for the background of her blocks and a scrappy assortment of fabrics, leaning pretty heavily on ones from the Kaffe Fassett Collective. I went a little more…crazy. LOL! Here’s a sneak peek:

The background is from the Collage line for Windham Fabrics and I used a mix of dots, chevrons and solids for the stars. I know the fabrics aren’t for everyone but I was so thrilled to see it come together the way I saw it in my head.

Ultimately, I think our quilts really reflect our styles. I absolutely love how mine turned out and I can’t lie: I think Sarah’s is pretty darned awesome. Hers is off with the longarm quilter and mine is waiting for me to get the back pieced but I’ll share pics when they’re ready to be unveiled. (Plus links to sign up for the BOM, just in case you’re interested.)


I could not help myself. I fell in love with the cute wonky houses Meg made and had to try my hand at making one.

The timing couldn’t have been better: I needed to make a 12×12 quilt block to send a friend and had been struggling to come up with something. A wonky house seemed like a great way to try my hand at something new and different, plus it gave me the chance to dig into my scrap bag for something more than fabric to send other people.

I just sort of slashed and cut until I came up with something that I like. The tree was inspired by one I saw on the blog UpstateLisa and is made with a little bit of corduroy in addition to some quilting cotton.

I hand stitched a heart on the door because I wanted to have a little theme to my block: Home is Where the Heart Is. I left the edges free to fray rather than turn them under because I think it’ll add a little character to the block over time. Mine was kind of free-form applique but there an actual tutorial on making wonky¬† house quilt squares right here.

In addition to a wonky quilt block, I also managed to make some wonky caramels. They taste pretty good but they’re not quite right. I needed to let the sugar mixture darken a bit and I should have cooked the caramel a little hotter so it would actually not turn into a big, caramelly puddle when I pulled it out of the pan and cut it.

Oh well. The boys always enjoy eating my mistakes.