Sew Fun Birthday


Is anyone else addicted to Pinterest? I swear, I go back and forth between cursing and praising that site. On one hand, it’s such a time suck. On the other…well, I’ve definitely been inspired.



Pinterest played a key part in Miss L’s seventh birthday party, which started with this blog post. I instantly fell in love and just knew my bunny would love to celebrate her 7th with a sewing party.


I did a little appliqué and embroidery on linen for the party invites, scanned them in and added the rest of the details in Photoshop.


On Saturday, our guests were met at the door with a fun “wreath” made for the occasion.


We started out with some fun crafts with each girl making a little embroidered piece to take home and a funky felt floral headband.



A lunch of heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, baby carrots with ranch dip, caramel drizzled apple slices, yogurt with fresh berries and sewing themed sugar cookies was served.






A cute-as-a-button cake and raspberry lemonade completed the meal.


We played a laugh-filled game of “put the spool on the sewing machine” and trotted out the props in a photo booth session.


The day ended with a piñata, also themed for the occasion (a giant spool of thread)!


Our birthday girl thanked each guest for coming with a handmade goodie bag and chocolate button lollipop.

The little miss deemed it “the best birthday ever,” which made it worth all the work.


Candy button molds, sewing cookie cutters, polka dot paper straws: Bake It Pretty

Flower Frill Clover template, party hats and crown pattern by The Quilted Fish, Michael Miller fabrics (polka dots from Children at Play, ginghams from Mini Mikes): Intown Quilters

Fabric pinwheels: tutorial by Sandi Henderson (modified)

Ruffled chair garlands: tutorial by Hank + Hunt

Cake: me and Publix (story to come)

Sugar cookies: Recipe from Cake Central, royal icing by CK from Cake Art Party Store, decorating tutorial (my first time decorating cookies like this!) by Sweetopia.

Drink bottles: Starbucks single-serving Frappuccino, saved for me by my son’s super sweet girlfriend (thanks again, Laura!)

Birthday banner: tutorial coming!

Spool piñata: tutorial coming!

Goodie bags: tutorial coming!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

I’m ‘That Mom’

It’s Oct. 1 and already I have elaborate plans for homemade costumes for all three kids. I know what candy I’ll give out for Halloween, and I’m planning the annual goodie bags the boys and I make for their friends every year.

The church where my daughter attends preschool is having its annual Oktoberfest celebration this weekend an I’m making cupcakes for the bake sale (funds support the preschool). Today, I bought a dozen individual cupcake boxes and mentally designed the tags I plan to attach to each.

I’ve finally settled on a date for my daughter’s birthday party so now I can take the pictures and create her custom birthday party invitations. We’re scaling down a bit this year, but there are still gift bags to make for her guests. And since there are so few, I’m thinking of making them little purses and embroidering their names on them.

Yes, I am “that mom.”

I did not realize this until someone else — a total stranger — pointed it out to me. I was picking up my oldest from a Sweet Sixteen party last year and the guest of honor’s mother brought up the wrapped candy bars I’d made for the previous Halloween. “You just do everything, don’t you?” she commented. And I immediately felt like the most over-the-top, overachieving wannabe on the planet.

I’m crafty; I like making things. But I sometimes worry that my addiction to paper, fabric and glitter makes it seem like some kind of competition for craftiest mom. Or is that Craftiest Mom? It’s so not the point, yet I don’t know how to make it clear that it’s just fun for me. I get the same kind of endorphin release from crafting that I used to from running, back before my knee mutinied.

I think I need a T-shirt: “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Crafty.” I’ll make it, of course.