Hola, Lola!

One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the prep that goes into the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop. Specifically, all the samples that need to be made. Lucky me often gets to play with as much fabric as I can handle to help Sarah get everything ready, which is how this bag ended up on my to-do list.

The pattern is from Izzy and Ivy, Lola Goes Shopping. I can’t get enough of those gorgeous velveteens so I decided to use some for the bag exterior, then threw in some voile for the coordinating scarf. A little Innocent Crush quilting cotton for the lining and some rich batik fabric for the binding and I was set. I love the fabric combo and think the bag turned out exactly as I’d pictured.

I am so not a binding expert and this bag really was a challenge for me because there is so much of it. (If you see this hanging up at the shop, please be kind.) If I were to make it again, I’d be tempted to do some kind of work around to avoid using the binding. Of course, that would really change the look of the bag and I think I might not like it as much without it!

Oh, Baby!

I have just gone crazy for the beautiful voile prints by Anna Maria Horner. The hand is just amazing and I’ve loved everything I’ve made with them.

My friends Sarah and Clare came up with the sweetest baby blanket to use as a shop sample and I *had* to copy it. Lucky for me that I have a bunch of preggo friends right now!

The blanket uses such a small amount of fabric and sews together so quickly. It’s backed with flannel, so there’s no quilting or binding involved, which just adds to the ease factor.

I’ve picked up some extra yardage of the block print just so I’ll be sure to have it for future baby gifts. Or maybe just because I like to stroke it against my cheek. (Don’t judge me — try it yourself and see if you don’t do the same.)

I’ve written up the instructions for recreating the blanket. It should be up on the shop blog any minute now but I’m also happy to email you the PDF. Just drop me a line! (flourishes at g mail dot com)

Little Prairie Girl

I have been sewing up a storm the past week — such a change from my recent dry spell — as I whip up a bunch samples for the shop. The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo* is this weekend and the annual Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop** is next weekend, so there’s been a lot on my plate. No complaints, though, since I’m getting the chance to play with some cool patterns and pretty fabrics!

First up for my sew-and-tell is the Little Prairie Girl pattern by Favorite Things. I’ve made one of these before for Sarah‘s daughter but still had not managed to get around to sewing one for my own. My pal Melanie mentioned making one out of Anna Maria Horner’s new voile, which got my mental wheels turning.

I took Miss L with me to pick out the fabric and she insisted on this geometric print, in spite of all my urging towards one of the florals. Honestly, the fabric just underwhelmed me and I really couldn’t picture it as anything.

Boy, was I wrong.

Once I finished the dress and hung it on the dress form in my studio, I couldn’t stop oooohing and aaahhing over it. It is so sweet and romantic and pretty, and just the most perfect little dress I could have ever hoped for. Liesl loves it, too, which really makes me happy. (She was not up for the fashion show yesterday, which is why she looks a little less-than-enthused.)

I sewed the 5/6, figuring it would be hanging at the shop for a while and I wanted it to still fit when we get it back. I think she could easily wear this two summers with a cami under it (I opted not to make the dickie that goes into the vee of the top/dress).

The voile is just a dream to sew. Seriously. I need to pick up some of it for me and plan to make one of the Prairie Girl tops with it to wear all summer, maybe even two different prints so I don’t wear out just one of the tops.

I have to say that I’m not super crazy about the ruffled cap sleeves. I struggled to get them in right, mostly because I wasn’t reading the instructions, I’m sure. I think I’ll do the short sleeves when I make her another and definitely short sleeves for me (because these arms need a little more coverage).

Check back tomorrow for pics and a post about the Pink Fig Mish Mash skirt!

* I’m working at the IQ booth Thursday morning and all day Saturday, so come say “hi!”

**I’m working at Shop Hop, too, probably Thursday morning and one of the weekend days, so make sure you say “hi!”

Feels Sew Good

I have been indulging in a bit of recreational sewing lately, vs. sewing for hire. It has been a nice change of pace after being so busy the past few months (not that I’m complaining!) and I’m really loving (mostly) what I’ve been working on.

My love for Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos knows no bounds. I don’t remember the last time I was in love with an entire line of fabric and wanted to sew with every piece — and it’s not hard to do with this line since there are only 15 prints. (BTW, if you’re in the Atlanta area, Sarah has the entire line in stock at Intown Quilters.) It is just so fun and I love the colors. The bag on the left is Sandi Henderson‘s Market Bag pattern. It’s the first time I’ve made it and I really messed up where the straps connect, so it’s good that you can’t see it. I think if I make the bag again, I’ll try home dec fabric and skip the canvas interfacing. It was just really bulky to work with in some spots. Plus? I’m lazy and would rather not spend time basting canvas to fabric if I could be putting something together.

The dress on the right is too darned cute for words. It’s from a Japanese sewing book and I thought it was a great match for the print. I like that it can be layered over long sleeves or worn without when the weather warms up. Actually, that’s why I cut out the size 4 instead of the 3 (Miss L’s usual size) — I’m hoping she won’t have outgrown it by the time spring rolls around. Oh, and it’s also for the Trendy Textiles launch on Etsy next week, which is all about Sugar Snap. (Yep, that means it’ll be in my shop, as a custom-sized item.)

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