Ain’t Love Grand?

It’s taken me the better part of the weekend to recover from my little jaunt to Florida visit my folks. The older I get, the more traveling takes out of me — but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. The delightful Miss L and I hopped on a plane Wednesday morning, returning home in time for dinner on Friday. Yes, a quick trip and one that was much needed by all four of us.

This was L’s first airplane ride and she handled it like a pro. Navigating the country’s busiest airport can be a bit challenging but it was one of the easiest times I’ve had there in recent memory. The only hiccup was right after I installed her car seat on the plane when the most charming flight attendant loudly announced to the whole plane, “You can’t sit there!”  Ah, yes, those unwritten rules of flying that I’m supposed to have acquired through osmosis and thus knew ahead of time that anyone using a car seat on an airplane can’t sit in the rows immediately before or after the exit rows. *insert eye roll*

The visit was lovely and a complete surprise for my stepmother, who seemed visibly cheered by our arrival. We’ve spent most of our parenting years living in different states than any of the kids’ grandparents, but you’d never know it by the close relationships they have. It never fails to make me smile to see how excited they get to see each other. Our second night there, she and her granddaughter sat on the bed and played with a pile of necklaces, eliciting many giggles from both of them. (Me: “You two look like a couple of sorority girls at Mardi Gras!”) My father and the girl had fun tossing a tennis ball back and forth in the hot tub, also a first for the little missy.

Before we left, I forced my father to sit for some pictures with two of his favorite girls (four, if you count my furry half-sisters aka the world’s most spoiled dogs). You can tell from the shot above how much he just loves having his picture taken. Still, I think he’ll appreciate having the memento — almost as much as the memories.