The Art of Video

Once upon a time, I was a video production assistant. This was a brief chapter in my life but one that I remember fondly. I sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I had remained on that path, although I am quite happy with my travels thus far.

Today, I put some of those long-forgotten skills to work. I have been editing and assembling the video for my younger son’s play. Last Friday, he and a group of his classmates put on a performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It was quite entertaining and I am most definitely a proud mommy. Proud enough that I want the enduring bits of his performance — namely, the school-distributed DVD — to be something special. Ah, the life of a Type A.

My oldest child did the camera work, with some direction from Mom. It seems that teenagers can, on occasion, listen, as he did follow my instructions to some extent. So the video is a bit more interesting than your usual “set it up and leave it” manner of filming a performance.

I’ve added music, titles, scrolling credits and even a slideshow of stills. It’s currently (allegedly) burning to a DVD right now. My hope is to send it off to school with the boy in the morning so his teacher has the weekend to preview and duplicate it. With any luck, said boy will be more pleased than embarrassed at the final product. He’s 14 — you never know.

My Lollipop Girl

Anna Maria Horner‘s new Chocolate Lollipop line of fabric from Free Spirit is to die for yummy! I whipped up this little set after dinner the past couple of nights. It includes a white peasant-style under dress, a halter jumper, an applique apron (with rickrack) and a slightly too big cloche hat (oops!).

Miss Bitsy Thang was so excited to put it on but preferred running around the yard to having her picture taken. I’m going to have to take better pics because I just love how this outfit turned out. We ran some errands today and everyone who saw her stopped us to comment on it. One mom with two little girls asked me if I sold my work after I told her I made it. (That sure made me blush!)

I have scads more, so look for Chocolate Lollipop overload here in the next couple of weeks! ha ha ha!

My Favorite Model

Sweetie Pie let me take her picture today in her new Fresh Cut duds. She also wore it to school today for her school pictures. Perhaps it will draw attention away from her shiner!