What a Catch!

It’s taken a little longer to get up this last Quilt Market-related post than I thought, thanks to a little thing I like to call “My First Child’s High School Graduation.” But that’s over and all the family has left town, so life has resumed some semblance of normalcy (or as much as is possible now that school’s out) and I’m back to my blog.

I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

I finally got around to sewing my first softie, a cute fish from Melly & Me, only I modified it a bit to just use two fabrics instead of the patchwork called for in the pattern. I also made the decision to use no-name fabric, lest I offend anyone with my request. For an autograph. Behold:

Yes, I walked around the International Quilt Market with a fish softie, asking fabric and pattern designers and the occasional author to autograph it. Fortunately, no one I asked turned me down, which means the lucky winner of this fish will have the autographs of such cool people as:

Kaffe Fassett
Brandon Mably
Jennifer Paganelli
Heather Bailey (who drew one eye)
Laura Gunn (who drew the other)
Bari J.
Genevieve Gail
Barb & Mary of Me & My Sister
April Cornell
Ellen Lumpkin Brown
Jenean Morrison
Tula Pink (really — that’s how Jen signed it!)
Patty Young
Paula Prass
Kay Whitt
Liesl Gibson
Sandi Henderson (thank her for the zexy fish lips)
Lynne Farris
Lila Tueller
Chelsea Anderson
Joanna Figueroa
Erin McMorris
Amy Butler
Luella Doss
Jay McCarroll
Robyn Pandolph

I am so, so jealous because I don’t have one to keep. Nope. This baby is one of a kind. Just one. And she’s looking for a new home.

Quilt Market has to be one of the most inspiring and energizing places I’ve ever visited. And I love meeting so many creative people who inspire me with their work, whether it’s the fabric they’ve designed or the patterns and books they’ve written.

In order to win this fabulous, one-of-a-kind Quilt Market catch, I want you to comment and tell me about what or who inspires you. Could be a quote or a song or even one of your kids. Just tell me about it in the comments. And I’m going to let you earn five bonus entries if you Tweet about it or write a post about it on your blog and link to this post. (You can even grab the little graphic to use, if you’d like). I’ll keep the comments open until 8 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, June 1, with a winner announced on Wednesday, June 3, (unless I have so many entries that I need a little extra time).

But that’s not all! You also can win one of these limited edition “Sew Nerdy” tees! Doesn’t Myrinda make a fabulous spokesmodel? She and I each have one (hers is bright pink; mine is red). I made an extra before I left for Market, black on light pink, just so I could give it away. However, you need to be a blog fan on Facebook (giveaway details are there, BTW) in order to win it.

Two giveaways! Yours for the winning! Good luck!

Have a Craft Addict Christmas

I had the idea for this giveaway last year but realized pretty quickly that I needed to spend a little more time pullling everything together to make it work the way I envisioned. As the year has gone on, I’ve set aside little goodies and now have accumulated what I think is the ultimate craft addict gift package. Behold:

There’s a little bit of everything here: fabric, beads, Scrabble tiles, scrapbooking elements, ribbon, tulle, yarn, snaps, buttons, embroidery kits, patterns and books. Everything you need to be a craft addict or feed your existing crafty addiction. A couple of things are from my stash or pre-loved, while some things were purchased new just for you. I think it’s a pretty cool prize and I hope you will, too. (And, given it’s size, I think you can understand why I’m not doing Scrapapalooza this month.)

I’m truly excited to be able to hold this giveaway in conjunction with the Sew, Mama, Sew Give-Away Day (even though I’m a day later than expected). Please be sure to head over to the blog and check out all the amazing crafty blogs that are hosting giveaways.

And allllll this crafty goodness can be YOURS. That’s right — packed in a box to arrive on your doorstep before Christmas. But there’s a catch. Yes, I’m going to make you work for it. Here are the official rules for the Have a Craft Addict Christmas giveaway.

1. You must have a shipping address in the contiguous 48 states. I hate to exclude my crafty friends outside of that boundary but given the size and weight of this package, I need to control shipping costs as much as possible. Forgive me.

2. You must comment on THIS post with a working email address by 9 p.m. Eastern time on Dec. 12, 2008. At that time, I will close comments on this post.

3. Please comment only once on this post.

4. In your comment, you must write about your favorite charity. Tell me the name of it, why you support it, what it does, whatever — give them a plug! Include a link to its web site, if you’d like. I think it’s incredibly important to support nonprofit and charitable organizations throughout the year, not just during the winter holidays, but now’s a great time to share about the good works done by others.

5. If you have a blog, you can earn FIVE extra entries by posting about my giveaway on your blog and linking back to this post. It’d be nice to include my requirement to write about a favorite charity in order to enter, but it’s not a dealbreaker. Please include the link to your blog entry in your one and only comment for entry. You can use the graphic I’ve made on your post, as well.

6. Don’t have a blog? You can earn FIVE extra entries by uploading my graphic to your Flickr or Photobucket account and posting the link to my giveaway in the photo comments/description field. Please include the link to your upload in your one and only comment for entry.

7. The most extra entries you can earn is FIVE, so do No. 5 or No. 6 but not both unless you just really love this giveaway and want to shout it from the rooftops. 🙂

8. I will do the official drawing on Dec. 14, barring any unforseen circumstances such as another computer hard drive failure, losing Internet, losing power, losing my mind or having more entries than I anticipate (my all-time best is 110, IIRC). Winner of the Have a Craft Addict Christmas giveaway will be announced Dec. 15.

9. The winner will need to contact me with his/her information within 48 hours of the prize announcement or I will choose another winner.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

ETA: If your comment doesn’t show up right away, don’t sweat it. The way my comment spam filter is set, if there’s an external link posted, it automatically flags it for my approval before posting. I’m trying to keep up with them as fast as I can. 🙂

October Scrapapalooza

It’s that time again!

I need to move some of these scraps outta here, so I’m doing another Scrapapalooza giveaway — but I’m going to shake it up just a bit.

Two lucky winners will receive a Flat-Rate Envelope stuffed with scraps. Most are pre-washed; some are not. I’ll try to stick with all wovens but I make no guarantees about sizes — just know that anything 1/2 yard or smaller ends up in my scrap bag. Amy Butler, Sis Boom, imported European and Japanese fabrics. You name it; there’s probably a scrap there.

The third winner will receive an FRE of scraps but also will get a Michael Miller charm square pack of Fairy Frost fabrics that I picked up at the International Quilt Market in Houston last weekend!

All you have to do is comment below and you’re entered. I’ll draw three names from my lucky Junior League ballcap on Wednesday, Nov. 5.

What are you waiting for? Good luck!