Handmade’s Last Hurrah?

I decided to take part in the Boutique Felony launch on Ebay this week. While the name is a little tongue-in-cheek, the topic is really anything but lighthearted. I’m sure everyone has been reading about CPSIA and the requirements placed on makers of children’s goods.

As the Feb. 10 deadline approaches, it’s looking more and more likely that the custom children’s items I’ve bought (and sold) will start disappearing from sites like Ebay, Etsy and Hyenacart. I know that I won’t be able to meet the requirements for lead testing and expect to no longer be sewing and selling children’s clothing if things don’t change.

My biggest regret involves my web site. I shipped this week what likely will be my last tutu orders. Four years of playing with tulle and making little girls’ dreams come to life is ending and that makes me a bit sad.

But I can’t stay sad for long when I look at my daughter wearing the outfit I’ve listed on Ebay. It’s made with Paula Prass’ Flights of Fancy fabrics (Michael Miller) and it really does make me smile. This is the outfit Paula asked me to sew for her booth in Houston, at the International Quilt Market. A photograph of it was included in her brochure promoting the fabric line, and there was a beautiful modeled picture of it up in her booth. I’m optimistic that it will find a fabulous new home where it will be worn and loved.

Taking Flight

Just a little peek at what flew in and out of my sewing room this weekend. I had the pleasure yesterday of playing with some beautiful fabrics, delivered into my hands courtesy of Paula Prass.

Paula is amazingly talented and will be debuting her first line of fabric, Flights of Fancy, at Quilt Market later this month. It was an absolute delight to lend a helping hand with her preparations for Market and create an outfit for her booth and promotional materials.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t intimidating. Oh my word! “Nervous” doesn’t cover it! I had only a limited amount of fabric and could not afford to mess it up. It’s not like I could run to the quilt shop and buy more! Fortunately, everything went smoothly and I even managed to leave some nice, big pieces to send back to Paula with the outfit.

A big, big “thank you” to Paula for letting me be a part of her big Michael Miller debut. I know everyone is going to be crazy about your fabrics! And many thanks to Patty, as well, for connecting me with Paula so all of this could happen.

I can’t wait to see Paula’s modeled shots with the outfit, as well as seeing the sample on the floor at Houston later this month! (Yes, I am attending Market!)

More Fall Dresses

I’ve been having lots of fun with Katie‘s Round-Neck Top pattern, which includes directions for making it into a dress. It just sews up so quickly and wears easily for my little preschooler.

While my previous corduroy incarnation included pockets, the dress on the left does not yet have them and I’m still waffling. Oh, but I do love it in that soft baby cord! I used two prints I found at Joann’s, a black-with-white polka dots and a cute Forest Friends print. Just so stinkin’ cute! I think I may need to make a purse for myself with those little animals!

The dress on the right features Michael Miller’s Pod Posey fabrics. It was love at first fondle with that bold border print, and I had just enough of the scattered flowers to make the neckbands. If you look closely at her right shoulder, you can see the safety pin holding the strap closed. My darling daughter decided to rip off the button, for no reason at all. Little nut.

Lots more to show but that requires pictures and will have to wait until Monday, since Honey and I are headed to Dragon*con tomorrow. And that, my friends, will require a post and photo album all it’s own.

Going to the Farmer’s Market

I know y’all must get tired of me falling in love with the things I sew, but I’ve done it again. I was lucky enough to be a tester for a pattern and used some Farmer’s Market and Park Slope fabrics to make this darling peasant-style dress with apron.


And I’m a bit bummed, too, because I only have enough for one — and it’s in my Etsy shop. I messed up when cutting out the dress so instead of having one for the bitsy and one to sell, I only have this one. Is it wrong that I hope no one buys it so I can sneak it into her closet?

The dress is part of another Trendy Textiles launch, so be sure to show my buddies some love and see all the great things they’ve made. The theme is “Mommy Took Me to the Farmer’s Market” and features lots of great things for girls and moms.

One Apron, Two Looks

I had the chance today to not only break in my new sewing machine but also a new pattern: the Emmeline apron from Montessori by Hand. I’ve really been eager to do it, but had a tough time finding fabrics in my stash that would work. I easily could have bought any of a number of fabrics but decided that it was best to cull from what I already own. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done.

While I often buy fabrics with coordinates, I rarely buy more than two fabrics for me. It took several tries to find three fabrics that worked together. I think it turned out pretty well:

I’m calling it my Proper & Punky Emmeline. The black-and-white fabric is Michael Miller’s Dandy Damask. I think the polka dot also is from MM, but couldn’t swear to it. The funky red fabric is from Joann’s; I bought it last year with the intention of making a punk-style Valentine’s outfit for Miss L but went in another direction.

Gotta say that I really had fun making this apron. The directions were easy to follow, although I did machine-stitch on the binding/halter straps instead of hand stitching them. Definitely faster, even if it’s not as pretty. I can definitely see wearing this apron on a regular basis (I am right now, actually).

Tomorrow’s another Word-free Wednesday and I’m planning to show a snippet of my current project. It’s quite sweet, if I do say so myself.