I feel a bit lost when I don’t blog, like I’m leaving something just … hanging. I don’t like that feeling but there are just times when something’s got to give.

Oh, but that things I’ve accomplished while I’ve been absent from here. No pictures to show yet but I intend to make tomorrow a photolicious day.  Included in this extravaganza will be the most amazing Halloween costume ever made for my 3-year-old daughter, as well as the fruits of my labor aka Bunny’s new-to-her bed and revamped dresser.

In the midst of all this wonderful busy-ness, I’ve also received some lovely mail. First off is the package from my amazing Swap Sister, Jessica. Not only did she send me yummy chocolate but she also sent me the coolest Halloween garland (photo tomorrow!). Thank you so much, Jessi! I love it! (And I suck because my package to her went out LATE, like TODAY. 🙁 I promise to suck less for the rest of our swap time!)

Today’s mail brought a lovely card with goodies from another Jessica.  Seriously, my life is filled with wonderful Jessicas who are talented and sweet and just plain fun! Thank you for my beautiful new words!

Drumroll, Please

We have winners! Congratulations to Katie and Amy, whose 100-post comments were selected by the Random Number Generator (since I can’t get my act together to do something with paper, printing, two teens and a toddler).

In  addition to those two, I’m also giving some goodies to the first commenter on my blog, as well as a random comment selected by RNG before my 100th post. So, Angela and Jessica, congrats to you, too!

Thanks to everyone for playing! Even if I don’t always get the chance to reply to every one, I do read every single comment left on my blog. I’ve enjoyed checking out some new blogs from the recent visitors/de-lurkers.


Wow! It seems like just yesterday that I started this blog. My original goal in writing was to have a place to document my many crafty projects. I never anticipated that so many people would stop by and take a look — and even leave a comment or two.

I’ve “met” a lot of neat bloggers in the past few months and seen the amazing things they are creating. While I initially viewed blogging as a pretty solitary effort, I’ve come to learn that it’s anything but. Blogging is a community activity. It’s where we gather to share, to kvetch, to encourage, to teach and to learn. And I think that’s pretty darned cool.

So thank you for stopping by to read, to chat and just to be a part of this nifty blog dealie-oh. And, as a token of that thanks, I’m going to give away stuff. Crafty stuff.  Things culled from my craft closet clean-out, among other things. I’m a giving kind of person, so there will be more than one goody bag. You must, however, play to win. How do you play? Leave a comment on this post. Do it before Friday and then I’ll do the grand drawing o’ the names. (Of course, you must be willing to also share your mailing info.)

Feeling the Love

Big, huge, enormous thanks to the very sweet Jen and Jessica! I love getting goodies by mail and surprise goodies are even better. Thank you for making my day so special! I will definitely be putting my new notecards (handmade paper! Eeeee!) and fabric (Chocolate Lollipop! Squeeeee!) to good use.

I’m a big believer of random acts of kindness and do them often, and it’s always such an unexpected delight when I’m on the receiving end. But I have to admit that I get the greatest satisfaction from doing the unexpected for someone else. If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend giving it a try.