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One thought on “Tutorials

  1. Hi Mary – I just bought your book Little Girls to make clothes for my grandchildren – and I have a question about seam allowance.
    I am not sure how much seam allowance I should use – and if it is included in the patterns in the book? I have looked through the book – and I did not find any seam allowance information.
    I am unfamiliar with US patterns. I am Danish – and when I had classes in school no seam allowance was included in any patterns – you add 1.5 cm yourself. I live in Hong Kong (for 22 years), where we have a lot of Japanese inspired patterns – without seam allowance.
    I think that I heard that US patterns have SA included – but how much – if any – is included in the patterns in your book?
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Mathilda Bach-Frommer

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