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Sharing my passion for sewing and quilting with others is one of my favorite parts of my work! I book a limited number of teaching engagements each year. I’m also available for guild presentations and lectures. I can teach any pattern from my books; email me to request one other than those included on the downloadable list. All travel originates from Atlanta, GA.. Download the PDF with all the details here.

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  1. I don’t know about y’all’s schools, but my high school had a former SEAL who regularly patrolled the halls. It was not publicized, probably because of soccer moms who would throw a fit, but he was there. He dressed casual-professional and stowed a carbine of some sort (I never saw it, just the case) in the principal’s office. I don’t doubt he had a weapon concealed on him.This was during my senior year after we’d had a threat issued by a student. He was a pretty cool guy, the SEAL. I liked him.

  2. TRS, belle coïncidence, j’ai moi aussi été surpris de voir Segalen, que j’aime beaucoup, dans cette liste. Kho-i-noor, si on parle de cette guerre, comme des autres, on ne peut que détester les armées en général, elles ne peuvent fonctionner qu’en s’auto fécondant en faisant sortir de leurs rangs les officiers généraux capables des raisonnements les plus monstrueux. Mais ce sont bien les vitupérations nationalistes qui font les guerres et pas les propos antimilitaristes.

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  5. Quelle merveilleuse série animée. L’emprise SF était énorme, elle me faisait rêver. Dommage que le générique ait été l’hymne d’une génération de jeunes cons bourrés, surtout milieu 90 à milieu 2000 qui n’ont pas appréhendé la saveur de la série d’origine et toute la profondeur et les enjeux.Le début de la série est fortement inspiré par l’univers de Star Wars mais a rapidement réussi à s’en défaire.

  6. Kim, So you think that is the reason that the republicans are sitting quietly and letting Obama get away with everything?? Have we got proof, this is happening.I have always thought that Obama has blackmailed Hillary so she would not go to the floor and fight.Its10f8 Axelrod that gets all the info on everybody!

  7. Ciao Genny capisco il tuo problema, è stato anche il mio problema quando ho inziato, quindi è del tutto normale. Dirti tutto in un commento sarebbe troppo lunga e non capiresti molto preferisco fare un articolo per illustrarti tutto nel dettaglio, a settembre partirò con il nuovo “ciclo” di articoli con tante novità pertanto ti invito a seguirmi

  8. Interesting thanks…I see some js for google on that calendars page, but I don’t see the same js to dynamically inject the fb like button…am I missing something? Are they 2 different implementations of the fb like button?(I didn’t dig in too deep, I have to head out but might play later) Assuming I am just missing the js to inject the iframe, I wonder why iframes slow things down so much? I ran (only 1, to be fair) profile (in chrome) on that calendars page and the bulk of the time was spent on garbage collection…

  9. Howdy! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  10. Stacy, I could not find info on the Good n Natural bars–feel free to send a link if you can find ingredients or provide to me here on the blog. The Kozy Shak new lactose and GF puddings–> rice and tapioca looks low fodmap to me… the chocolate one is likely okay but we await definitive thumbs up from Monash team who is testing chocolate now or soon to test. Sour cream has under 1 gram of lactose per 2 TB so is low FODMAp.

  11. I don’t shopt in any form on Black Friday! I have done most of my shopping online already, but I’ll be checking in on the some things during Cyber Monday. I’m a little disapointed, though…I’m really looking for honey badger urine!? Wolf urine just won’t cut it! lol

  12. Fascinating! I can’t help but read your post and Amateur Reader’s posts as a dare and a challenge. Perhaps I’ll take you up on it one of these days! I do love (love!) Tristram Shandy, so perhaps SR will be my kind of thing. I’ve also recently enjoyed reading Faust for a literature class I’m teaching this fall. It’s a strange play, but really interesting.

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