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Sharing my passion for sewing and quilting with others is one of my favorite parts of my work! I book a limited number of teaching engagements each year. I’m also available for guild presentations and lectures. I can teach any pattern from my books; email me to request one other than those included on the downloadable list. All travel originates from Atlanta, GA.. Download the PDF with all the details here.

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  3. Kim, this brought me to tears- to think that I could be someone’s sanctuary when they need it most is amazing. I’m so grateful that I was there for you & could care for you in a way nobody else could. Every year, I think of you & your family during the month that I served you, & I will never forget your kindness to me in return. Thank you for sharing your perspective on sanctuary, it is the most amazing one I’ve ever known. Love you dearly! Carrie

  4. Fresch I was wondering…..now that you’ve gone public about your desire to grow with me….could you just show me the on your knees position one more time…yes the hands open in prayer mudra… ready to receive…..eyes closed (no peeping) just ahhhhhhh…….thanks fresch… oh sorry have some kleenex.. i thought you liked meat….

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