Who is this “craft addict?”

Mary’s neoVictorian Snow Queen at DragonCon 2014 (Photo by Pat Loika)

Mary Abreu has been crafting most of her life, although she admits that sticking to one or two is a challenge (hence the “ADD crafter” moniker). Her first book — Little Girls, Big Style (Stash Books, an imprint of C&T Publishing) — was published in 2010; her second book will be published in the fall of 2015.

She is an accomplished sewing instructor who teaches a wide range of classes near her metro Atlanta home, including beginning sewing, serger techniques, apparel and bag making, decoding sewing patterns and even quilting classes. Mary has sewn for fabric manufacturers and designers, creating tutorials and samples used to market new lines and patterns.

Mary has worked as a seamstress with Whitestone Motion Pictures, a small movie studio near Atlanta, and has wardrobe department credits on two short films, including The Candy Shop, starring Doug Jones.

An award-winning journalist, Mary has worked as an editor, writer and art director at newspapers and magazines throughout the Southeast United States during her 24-year career. After a brief stint as editorial director of one of the oldest regional parenting publications in the country, she has returned to freelance writing and editing — although running a household and parenting three kids (24, 21 and 10) are her first priority.

Mary and her Honey celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary this summer, although she’s not sure if he’s as willing to mark the occasion at DragonCon as she is. They also are proud parents of two furbabies, both named for produce (Avacado and Olive). Oddly enough, none of their other children are name for grocery-store items.

She enjoys attending pop culture conventions, where she is a regular presenter on the topics of pattern drafting and hacking, costuming for children, and historically influenced costuming. She lives with her family near Atlanta, Georgia.

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