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  1. Das die iPad-Ausgabe teurer ist finde ich nicht sonderlich schlimm, da in der Digitalausgabe auch Inhalte zu finden sind, die man im Heft nicht bekommt. Videos etc. kosten auch Geld in der Produktion.Steinzeitlich ist es aber mit Sicherheit nicht ein Printmagazin zu kaufen, Warum auch? Es soll ja nur jeder auf dem Medium bedient werden das er nutzen möchte. Und ob das nun Print, Online oder iPad ist … egal.

  2. If you sic your dog on a neighbor, who is liable?You? The dog? Both?Cops are vicious, but their use of force is notentirely autocratic. Only a Judge can authorize a warrant. Yes, the cops must be held accountable, but wholet them out of the yard?Sealed warrants? That's a new one.

  3. Ay, ¡qué chulo vernos a todos juntitos! Hemos sido un montón Por cierto, la entrada de mi blog (Dieta para glotones) la habéis puesto tras el nombre del siguiente blog, pero la suya ni aparece.Y, otra cosilla, Pintxo, ¿quieres que te prepare yo esa lista en HTML?Un maldito esguince me ha proporcionado más tiempo libre del que quisiera, así que si te vale de algo a mí no me importaría hacerlo.

  4. Анонимный петушок / Ты просто голос серьезным делай и не неси хуйню. Заметь как Вольнов всех пиздато затроллел и как ты.

  5. Coronel,realmente é preciso "reforma MORAL" como disse o Coturneiro em outro post.A começar por nós, batalhando diariamente para nos mantermos:honestostrabalhadoresdignoscorretoscivilizadospolitizadosescrupulososcorajososbonse todas as boas qualidades que fazem um ser humano integral!Flor Lilás

  6. Thanks for the article. The information provided helped put into perspective some of the things we are seeing in our organization. Companies are attempting to reduce assets in the form of inventory and implementing hiring freezes in anticipation of the “fiscal cliff”.

  7. Jahwork, por acaso não concordo com esse ponto de vista. Em demcracia, cada pessoa tem direito a um voto. Em Portugal, um cidadão de oitenta anos tem o mesmo voto que um de dezoito anos. E acho que é assim que deve ser. De qualquer das maneiras,isso até já foi alterado nos estatutos, não foi? Acho que a diferença no número de votos se esbateu um pouco e agora até se pode votar electronicamente, não é assim? Alguém confirma, se faz favor?

  8. Everything is tied into the debate schedule. But the point is now moot. ELEC voted not to move the debate and Corzine moved his manicure and pedicure to another date, so he can now appear. Hallelujah.I guess someone sent Ted a sneak peak of the new Quinnipiac that will be out later today. Care to share?

  9. DD… have hit on it exactly – it is the media’s profound unfairness towards Gillard and the Governments achievements that sticks in the average Aussie craw. Through the universal extreme media bias Gillard and the Government have slowly become the underdog and Aussies love an underdog to barrack for, exactly what we see happening.

  10. 9e41ulija:36c111#38и кроме старения плаценты у ребеночка еще становится более твердый череп,что затрудняет его прохождение по родовым путям…e2

  11. The film was like a romance really but Juliette Binoche was more fascinating than the film for me. Ä° don’t presume tolerance or freedom will be prevail but Ä° hope to prevail of them. The math of History of World expose that the barbarity wins in the end always. Besides if anybody opens a chocolate shop in the village of Anatolia in the Ramadan Time, it even might die unfortunately.

  12. Hi Steve,I’ve not had any problems personally with indexing of the sites I have on Media Temple’s grid servers. I do have about three accounts with them (which I went ahead and consolidated into a single management panel), each hosting multiple websites, and none of the sites are suffering ill effects in the SERPs. Frankly, I think it comes down to whether or not you’re promoting your websites properly and whether the site would be considered spam in the search engine’s eyes. If you keep your hands clean, then you shouldn’t have any problems.~ Teli

  13. Soy anarko (mejor dicho anarquista), pero no de la CNT. Hay al menos diez colectivos anarquistas en la ciudad, y muchos anarquistas ni militan. Aparte de esta aclaración, lo único en común que tiene un “anarko” con un “neoliberal” es el rechazo de lo público, eso es verdad. Pero mientras el neoliberal ve la panacea en lo privado, intentando que abarque todo, los anarquistas lo rechazamos también. Nuestro lema es: ni publico ni privado, autogestionado.

  14. Great job today 6 a.m.ers!!!Everyone please remember to greet the new comers! Unless you love doing burpees! Some of you are forgetting to make the new people feel right at home at CFD.. The rule is to say hi within 2-3 minutes at the start of class, or do 25 Burpees “before,” not after the workout starts!Thanks for making CFD the best it can be!

  15. Your StaticStats inflation data suggest the U.S. economy has been contracting for years or decades, even at full employment with high productivity. I am suggesting that after the US went off the gold exchange standard (Bretton Woods) in 1971 the economy has been in a clear decline. Funnily enough I just put "bretton woods wage stagnation" into Google and got the same commentary as the top three hits. . The argument is very similar to one that I have made (along with others) a number of times on this blog.

  16. I weigh up a essential WiFi security threat has been missed: Ensure out my latest WiFi work resting on the Cisco British Innovation Gateway Award website? and see rider you can deduction where the biggest WiFi security threat really is. So therefore solicit yourself how I make do to superimpose ads onto WiFi hotspot users browsing experience …….and? condition this classify of manipulation can ensue achieved, what besides possibly will happen ?

  17. Gernika fue el banco de pruebas de la aviación alemana, en lo que luego serían los sistemáticos bombardeos de la población civil.El objetivo no fue otro que desmoralizar a la poblacion civil con una salvaje bombardeo que no tuvo ningún objetivo militar.Salud, República y Socialismo

  18. Debbie Hi William, do you mean on photographs on another page, or yours? If someone else’s page, then they have probably set their permissions so that no-one can comment (can’t quite see the point though) especially if they’re trying to attract controversy!

  19. Сергей:Полностью согласен, что надеяться не надо ни на кого, тем более на государство. Это уже несколько раз подтвердила жизнь. Надо надеяться только на себя. Постоянно надо искать, действовать, тем более, что сейчас есть такая возможность как интернет.

  20. I am SUCH a snacker! I usually have a snack in between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner. I try to keep my snacks around 200 calories each so that they don’t get our of control. I used to never snack because I was afraid of consuming those extra calories but now I cannot IMAGINE a day without sancking! It keeps my metabolism revved up and actually promotes healthier eating! If I go too long without eating and wait until I am absolutely starving for my next meal I find that I make unhealthy choices and WAY overeat!

  21. If I could only be as innovative while you I am confident I’d personally have got a blog of my individual. I hope you sustain producing these amazing posts. Not simply are they inspirational, but I find them a tad comical.

  22. Not understandable? Really? Given that politics has nothing to do with logic but is, instead, the art of the possible, which politician in 27 nation Brussels is going to invest any capital in an "English only" solution?Of course, with a soupcon of logik, English only is perfectly fine. What is the language of the proceedings in Brussels? What do you suppose German patent attorneys and litigators tell all their many Asian clients, about their fluency in English?

  23. Maniatis, avec d’autres élèves, nous avons lu « Wang-Fô », de Yourcenar, et effectivement, c’est la belle histoire d’un peintre fasciné par ce qu’il perçoit, même quand c’est banal, et qui ne se préoccupe guère de réfléchir intelligemment aux problèmes de la vie.

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