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  1. [1º]Investigación autonómicaEso ya lo dijo la UCD,y siendo tales pasos, de forma cronologica, se ve que no existe espontaneidad política y que todo es el resultado de una cadena de mando que hace seguir un dictado.Por eso la petición del PREPAL (léase SALAMANCA-ZAMORA-LEÓN PREPAL)es pertinente.Los prepalistas apoyan la investigación del proceso y otros no quieren nada de tal investigación.[2º]La cuestión sobre la otra petición del VIII Centenario d ela Universidad de Salamanca, todo esta situado en la fecha del escrito que, segun se cuenta,mando el PREPAL al Rectorado

  2. why the heck do we make so many basic cognitive errors, as diagnosed in the heuristics and biases literature?Much of that is adaptive in the ancestral environment.Things like believing you are right all the time, and underestimating project schedules actually serve important signalling roles in humans.Some are heuristics: humans are resource limited. We can't encode the solution to every problem in our finite brains and genome….and some are plain screw-ups. Evolution doesn't do perfection, good enough is OK.

  3. ! However, you left off the main point in Proverbs 18:22– they obtain favor of the Lord. By having favor, that marriage and everything surrounding it is blessed. Have a good one!

  4. Hi Sarah, I have just found your playing ground here and wanted to say how thankful I am to have found it – you write with such optimism and hope in remembering your first born Foster. I am over joyed that you are expecting his little brother and sharing this new journey here, that gives me such hope for my own future.Thank you, your words have been what I have needed to read right now, thank you.

  5. This company must be booming, as I won $490k + a Range Rover, too. How can a company that produces small electronics afford to give so much away? … and I never entered a contest sponsored by them!!!I always look for misspelling and poorly constructed sentences as clues for scam operations. BSB Electrical Manufacturing website is full of them, beginning w/ the company header that it is ‘Prefessional’.

  6. Tjena Joel,Trevligt att höra att du jämför mig med de stora serierna =) Jag gillade ocksÃ¥ drakens Ã¥terkomst väldigt mycket i början. Efter ca 5 böcker (engelska fulllängdsversioner) tycker jag att det började balla ur. SÃ¥ mÃ¥nga karaktärer att de fick ett kapitel var per bok typ… Jag orkade aldrig läsa till slutet faktiskt.Jag skriver helt ny fantasy nu. LivgÃ¥rd är jag klar med, Ã¥tminstone för stunden./Henrik

  7. Ne serait-ce pas un test d'inclusion des publicités selon un critère de pertinence lié à la page elle-même plutôt? Je vois mal l'intérêt sinon, et me disant que ces gens là ne sont pas complètement stupide, je ne vois que cette possibilité … qui n'est pas totalement stupide en soi !

  8. donde puedo empadronarme vivo en Villa Ballester partido Gral San Martin.Y respondió el 8 de julio de 2011 a las 12:42:Cecilia: Presumo que es extranjera residente y tiene DNI. Se empadrona en el Registro Civil de su domicilio. Le aclaro que el plazo para participar de las elecciones provinciales venció el 30 de junio.

  9. Muy típico por nuestra parte, de 11 comentarios 8 son para poner a parir…….eso dice bastante de nuestra mentalidad. Asi construimos o mejor dicho destruimos un pais. Luego nos quejamos de la clase politica que tenemos……no son más que un reflejo de nuestras sociedad.Debate caliente. Qué piensas? 10  9

  10. Actually, I think it’s pretty normal behavior for people entrenched in violent areas. I know in Israel, when the intifadas were going on, a lot of people kept riding buses and going to cafes and clubs because avoiding them meant that they were giving up their lives to fear and that’s what their attackers wanted.

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  12. Interesting blog entry about visitation! Thanks for the info.On March 7, 2012, the Georgia House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill that GREATLY increases the of grandparents whose grandchildren are entangled in cases involving child custody, divorce or the termination of parental rights.Under the new law, if it passes as expected, the law has a presumption that the child will be injured. The new law also mandates that court award a MINIMUM of 24 hours a month in parenting time. This is a huge swing in the right direction. So many grandparents get blocked from visitation after a death, divorce or an unwanted pregnancy.

  13. Can you Jon, or anybody else help me out? My internet is extremely slow and the signal just simply falls out every 2 or 3 minutes, I’m using Safari and I constantly have to reload pages and youtube it really sucks. And just now recently I’ve bought a new router for !€89! (I know). I live in a really big flat, but the router is on one side and my room is on the other. I’ve tried moving my internet closer to my room but I can’t put a wire all over the flat, you understand. I am clueless. Please hp

  14. Carolina Machado comentou em 15 de novembro de 2011 às 00:14. Julia, amei seu blog!!! Sem palavras.Será que é possível fazer um passo-a-passo com sombra em lápis/lápis para olhos/delineador verdes metálicos (não os três juntos acredito eu)? Tenho um de cada destes itens fechados em casa, pois não sei como usar, e confesso que só os tenho pq minha mãe acha que olhos verdes pedem maquiagem verde… sei que não é assim mas tb não queria disperdiçá-los. Rola?! Tks, Beijos

  15. Ce que tu dit est fort possible mais sur la video que tu a posté, on voit d'autres avions qui laissent également une trainée et tu avouera ça n'a rien à voir avec l'objet en question.En plus les témoins disent eux mêmes que ça ne peut pas être un avion et qu'ils ne voient rien entre les 2 trainées.

  16. I was wondering what had happened to you, so I’m glad to see your update. I also pray that your mother-in-law will successfully battle the cancer. It’s amazing how the weather can have such an impact on our bodies! I also wilt in hot and humid weather, while I feel so much better in cooler weather.I might have some very interesting news to share with you soon.Take care of yourself.

  17. Enjoy your trip, it looks so amazing there!As for what I`d like to see:How do you attract customers online?What are your throughts on affiliate sales? Good/bad/???Would you ever consider holding live First Steps events via internet broadcast?Thank you, Now enjoy the rest of that incredible trip!

  18. Revolting? No… why can't you like fashion and still be critical of it? It's kind of sad the way many of the people who are commenting about this article are so slavishly devoted to fashion that they can't concede that it is obviously connected to body-image issues, etc. It's a business as much as a craft, more so, and as such its goal is profit. It can be very manipulative.

  19. O capitalismo alemão sempre teve uma grande experiência na utilização de trabalho escravo na produção.Basta observar o período Hitleriano e o estreito concubinato das grandes empresas com o aparelho terrorista nazi.Têm também larga experiência em matéria de eutanásia.Hoje o alvo são os velhos e reformados do sul da Europa.Os reformados alemães gozam,os do Sul morrem.Nada que a Alemanha não tenha já feito no passado.

  20. – Actually I like the idea of airbags outside but NOT inside. That way the idiot who causes the accident is killed instantly and the innocent victims are saved. Darwinism with some assistance! In fact, I wonder how fast people would drive if the inside of the cars have thousands of sharp metal pointy spikes randomly scattered about the interior cabin!

  21. So, there is still a lot of debris from the shipwreck on the shore and in the water, and few people seem to be volunteering to clean up our Unspoiled Queen. Where are the Reef Guardians and their ecowarriors? And a personal thank you to sabanews.nl for raising awareness on this issue and helping to recruit volunteers.

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