Upcoming classes

Sept. 2017 (tentative)

More classes coming soon!


May 18-21
International Quilt Market, St. Louis, MO (tentative)

Sept. 1-4
DragonCon, Atlanta, GA

Mary is scheduling teaching and speaking engagements for 2017 and beyond. Email for more information regarding rates and availability.


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  1. mr Maju, I did not understand how you extrapolate such conclusions, have you read my commentie=indo-european so basque bi(2) is similar to ie bi as in (bi)national,(bi)directional.The numbers you gave are modern Araic ones not Semitic nor aa (afro-asiatic).I think you now that hurrian(6)and ie+karvelian+altaic+uralic (7)[which is very similar to basque ones] are considered loans from ps to pie,p uralic,p kartvelian,hurrian (and perhaps basque) by mainstream linguists.Here I rewrite my comment (ie=indo-european,aa=afro-asiatic,and please note that I did no comment on the numbers 4,9,10)

  2. No, no es triste, los recuerdos, la añoranza, nunca nos tienen que poner tristes, todo lo contrario si un día fueron momentos felices, no tenemos que dejar que el paso del tiempo lo convierta en tristeza.Y si es precisamente ese paraiso en el que estás, el que te trae estos recuerdos es que también ahora hay felicidad, ale ale a disfrutar.

  3. Anne, I for one would LOVE to read your account! And that stuff about Gillian is fascinating and I had no idea. Marina, how lovely to read what you say….I wish you HAD been there. It would be so good to meet you. Also, I'm greatly looking forward to your next novel. I'm a big fan!

  4. One million dead in Irak. Iran being 5 times populated, It that United Snakes of America would have to kill 5 million Iranians. Fuckin peaceful and lovin USA. It’s less and less funny when you know how many people the generals in the Pentagon kllled and are killing with their “peaceful” and “clean” wars.

  5. Vill också säga det att det skulle vara väldigt tråkigt om ni lägger ner dessa träffar för att de har blivit för populära. I ölsammanhang så är ju era träffar riktiga höjdpunkter på året./peter

  6. Teper konstructiv dhe i detajuar projekt.Lidhja e njerezve me politiken dhe e politikane eshte nje odise e gjate. Nese klasa politike ka ne baze dhe synim perparimin dhe permiresimin e vendit suksesi eshte i skalitur ne historine e kombit.

  7. Great article and comments, Mark. The hardest thing is to catch yourself before you say that automatic “yes”. And for us extroverts, I’d add that talking it out with someone you trust is a good strategy once you’ve caught it and decided to sleep on it. We tend to think out loud, and speaking is a way of getting clarity.

  8. Did any of you REALLY expect Palin to sit at home pulling her hair out while the Iowa straw poll was being conducted, Rick Perry prepared to launch his campaign, and Mercede Johnston was stealing her limelight by showing what a real Alaskan beauty looks like?Well then you must be new here, welcome to the crazy world of Sarah "Me, Me, Me, it's all about Me!"Palin.

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  10. Ah, you know your very picture alongside the thing you wrote about water, made me get up and go have a glass of it! Great points, very well written. I usually don’t eat when I’m bored, I sleep when I do get so. Sleep is everything for me. An 8-9 hours sleep is a must, in my case. And I never diet. It goes without saying I’m athletic enough! Thanks for sharing these fruitful points.

  11. I’m so glad you didn’t give up on the hot-water bottle cover. That fabric is just SO cute. I love dolls, anyway, and this fabric is extra cute. It isn’t worth sweating too much over something that you aren’t going to wear.

  12. That seems to make sense indeed. Actually I do also think increased GDP per capita improves health (richer people tend to live longer WITHIN countries too). But there are other ways to think about the data. Disease like malaria can inhibit economic growth by deterring foreign trade and tourism. So MAYBE top-down interventions to improve health could have positive knock on effects on economic growth. China, for example, experiences economic stagnation but rapid improvements in life expectancy prior to economic

  13. Found your blog via! I totally love it! I was curious as to where you got you spiralizer? I have looked around at different home stores and haven’t been able to find one! Did you buy it online? Could you tell me what kind you got? Thank you! Keep up the pro-veggie awesomeness!

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