Upcoming classes

Sept. 2017 (tentative)

More classes coming soon!


May 18-21
International Quilt Market, St. Louis, MO (tentative)

Sept. 1-4
DragonCon, Atlanta, GA

Mary is scheduling teaching and speaking engagements for 2017 and beyond. Email for more information regarding rates and availability.


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  7. Maybe you can help me… I made my own coconut butter. It was butter-like for about a day and then it hardened like a rock!!! Of course, it’s in a glass jar now and I can’t figure out how to get it out!!! But I was wondering if you’ve ever had that problem or if you know why that would happen? I want it out so I can put strawberries in it! This recipe looks awesome!!!

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  9. This is super helpful! I love the pictures. I had to make a nougat recipe that was similar with stirring in a hot syrup and the directions were horrible, which led to hard deposits of sugar on the bowl, and not enough goodness in the base! I had to redo it, similar to how you’ve shown here. I am definitely bookmarking this for future use.

  10. Hello,thank you for your comment. You can simply add a subscription to your RSS reader. Find a link to ADD or FOLLOW A SITE and type the blogs web address: blogs.mindsinharmony.comFrom there you should be able to view all content whenever it is updated and without having to check back daily.

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  20. very thoughtful Dave. i hope to see you at The Hill’s in August for Andy’s concert. Drop me an e mail if you have a second, i have something i want to send you as well.Andy Rielly

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