Costume Craziness

Another summer has flown by. What is up with that? I barely had a chance to blink and *poof* it was over.

Now that Miss L is back in school (second grade! Oh my gosh!), I’m working like a mad woman to finish up costumes for Dragon*Con. In my grand plans, I should have finished all of this back in May, before school ended. But noooooo. L had a growth spurt, I was busting my butt to lose weight, summer camp, procrastination, blah blah blah.

DC is in two weeks and I have finished one costume. But, oh, is it a winner.


Meet Supergirl, Tiny Titans version. Super cute, right? I had so much fun — and occasional frustration — working on this costume.

My totally awesome costuming/designing friend Meredith gave me the spandex shopping list and also tips for attaching the cape. In the comic, Supergirl’s cape comes over her shoulders and attaches underneath the chest shield — not too practical for wearing. While I could have sewn the cape into the shoulder seams, I was considered a bit about the weight but moreso with having something that could present a strangulation hazard. Enter Meredith, who suggested attaching snaps inside the collar. Perfect!

I made bike shorts to match for her to wear underneath and the yellow tops of the boots are actually slipcovers to be more in line with the comic.


I’m rather proud of the belt and buckle: interfaced spandex and a Badge-a-minit covered button. No lie. I think the entire belt-making process took 15 minutes.

One down, six more to go. Send caffeine.

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