Tulip Time

This bag-making stuff might be getting out of hand. But it’s kind of my go-to project when I want to make something, don’t have much time and/or fabric or just want to make something useful.

I got my hands on some of Patty Young’s revamped Andalucia and could not wait to play. I’d been planning to make the Tulip Tote from Sew Serendipity Bags and it seemed like the perfect match.

Tulip Tote

Even with the quilting, the bag came together pretty quickly. Unfortunately, my chalk lines are not coming off as easily as they went on, so I’m afraid I’ll have orange diagonal lines on this tote forever.

The picture in the book makes this bag look bigger than it is, although the dimensions are the same as the finished size accompanying the pattern. It’s a good size, not too big or too small. I like the addition of a firmer bottom. I swapped out the magnetic snap closure for the last of my flat magnetic (hidden) closures. Man, I love those things. (Note to self: go order more.)

I totally lucked out with the curtain grommets. They were on clearance at Joann and a total steal at…$3 for a pack of eight!

Author Kay Whitt included this bag in the “more challenging” section but I think it’s worth a look for an advanced beginner looking for something new to try.

3 Replies to “Tulip Time”

  1. I have 3 bags waiting to be stitched- okay, all are waiting for interfacing and 2 want linings, but… I completely understand the desire to just cut ’em out for that quick project.
    Where do you find the interfacing things you use? Are there any you’d recommend?

  2. Hey Mary –

    I love that you’re blogging more. And I love that you’re doing it for you, it makes me so happy. Are you going to be in Kansas City?


    P.S. I love all the bags, too!

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