Retro+Fussy Bag

Sometimes I see a pattern and I just know I have to make it. This was the case with the Modern Mary Jane pattern by Loft Creations. What really made it for me was the big, showcase-y kind of panel for showing off a cool fabric — which is the argument I used to convince Sarah to order it for the shop. I was down there to pick fabric for the sample almost before the pattern was unboxed!

I have been dying to sew with Melody Miller’s Ruby Star Shining ever since she posted peeks of it on her blog and it looked like the perfect fit for the pattern. When I compared the measurements of the focus panel to the cool mixed-print fabric in her line, I was thrilled to discover it was almost an exact match. Serendipity!

Ruby Star Shining bag front

Because the fabric has so many prints and pieces, I was able to fussy cut all the border squares from the same piece of yardage. I did take Sarah’s suggestion and mix in a bit of natural linen (Timeless Treasures) as well as a navy-and-white polka dot from Sarah Jane’s Children At Play for Michael Miller. The inside of the bag is a vibrant chartreuse from Kona.

Ruby Star Shining bag back

I changed up the pattern and did a second “front” of the bag for the backside to use up the other focus panel on the fabric. I’ll probably follow the instructions the next time I make this bag because I like the multiple pockets called for. Although I’m holding out for the cool female superhero fabric that’s on order. Because that’s how I roll.

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