If ever there was a question about my geeky-ness, it’s answered with one word: Dragoncon.

Yes, I am exactly that geeky. Not only am I enough of a geek to hang out with other sci-fi/fantasy/comic geeks for four days but I dress up. And now I’m also dressing up my offspring.


Less than two weeks before DC, I found out I was going to be on a panel about making costumes for kids. I was excited and a little nervous, as you might imagine. While I’ve sewn costumes for them, I wouldn’t describe many of them as “quick and easy,” which was the description of the panel.

Around that time, Miss L told us she wanted to attend DC with us instead of spending the weekend with her grandparents. And so an idea was hatched. I had already convinced my oldest and his girlfriend to dress as Dr. Who and Amy Pond for the con. Why not have L dress as a Dalek? She would coordinate with the young adults and I could have her model for my panel. Brilliant!

The skirt is a modified (read: wider) version of the No-Hem Skirt from my book. I used Heat n Bond to fuse 3″ felt circles to the skirt and slipped featherlight boning into the hem band to give it shape.

The headband is covered in the same fabric as the skirt and sealed with Mod Podge. I used battery-operated tea lights and clear plastic shot glasses for the lights, attached to the headband with elastic straps.

All told, I think I spent less than $20 on the whole costume. The felt circles were the most time consuming part but I still managed to pull it together in a couple of hours.

The payoff was definitely in the attention she got at the con. Passersby started complimenting her in the parking lot and the comments didn’t stop until we got back in the car at the end of the day. The three took off for about 90 minutes to hit the photo spots and I’m told they were quite a hit. They’re already talking about next year!

Boy, am I glad they can both sew. Mama’s got her own costumes to sew, you know.

2 thoughts on “Days at Dragoncon

  1. Alana

    I attended your panel on costumes for kids at DC. It was great! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, inspiration and time. It was really fun to see your family there modeling their costumes and looking happy. I wanted to let you know that your “Previous posts” link is 404ing (error) and there doesn’t appear to be a link to your book – which I would love to buy. Again – thanks! I am sorry you had so many problems with your costume, but the ones I saw were pretty cool looking. I look forward to seeing them with their revamp next year.

  2. Tifani

    First, even with the problems, you were rockin’ in your costume.

    Now for NEXT YEAR. We want to come and bring Ella dressed as River Song, space suit and all. Any chance you can find her a little Doctor to partner with her? Annie wants me to tell you that your Amy Pond is “really cute” and Annie wants to wear the same costume next year. I’m a little unsure about that look on an 8 year old, though.

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