Bird Watching with Kokka

I have been wanting to make the Bird-Watcher Messenger Bag from Cassie Barden’s The New Handmade since I got the book at Market in October 2008. I’ve made so many things from the book but couldn’t settle on the fabrics I wanted to use, so I kept putting it off.

My sweet friend Phoebe had one she made at Market in Pittsburgh and I loudly proclaimed my love for it. But I still couldn’t decide on some fabric.

Lucky for me that Sarah wanted a sample for the shop. I talked her into picking out fabrics she liked, hence the really rocking combination of Echino for Kokka, Terri Mangat’s The Bees Knees and some cool Aboriginal prints. All of which you see when you raise the flap:

It’s so incredibly fun! Instead of using a fabric strap, I used some of the cool Echino/Kokka canvas strapping. Other than that, the only thing I would do differently is interfacing the bag and lining. Because the bird fabric is a cotton/linen blend and thus a little heavier than quilting cotton, I skipped the interfacing. The bag’s a little floppier than I would like but Sarah likes it just fine, so obviously it’s a matter of personal choice.

Now if I can just decide on some fabric, I might actually be able to make one for me.

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