A Quilt to Kit

I have been in shop sample overload lately as we prepare for the Greater Atlanta Shop Hop. Between the sewing and actually working at the shop a couple of days a week, I’ve been pretty occupied. Happy and tired but busy.

This quilt was not actually intended to be used as a shop sample. I fell in love with Pillow & Maxfield’s Gypsy Bandana when the Michael Miller rep brought it in. Could hardly wait to get my hands on it, in fact. And then the Gypsy Bandana booth at Market just about sent me into palpitations.

I knew I wanted to do something with the panel fabric and tried to go through my patterns and books to find a suitable pattern. Debby Kratovil’s Supersize ‘Em had just the pattern: Modern Grace. The only problem was that the center panel in the pattern was smaller, so it meant scaling up.

Oh, and scaling up while doing an on-point pattern for the first time.

Other than chopping off three of the four points (yep, four tries to get it right), I think it looks pretty darned cool. And Sarah* liked it enough to hang it as a shop sample AND kit it, although I had to figure out the changed fabric requirements and write up the new instructions about six weeks after I made it. That was fun.

It sure is pretty, though.

*She also did the binding, which is why it looks so awesome. My bindings? Not nearly as pretty. Or even.

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3 thoughts on “A Quilt to Kit

  1. I have been in love with this fabric since I first saw it! This quilt design truly does it justice…. it is exquisite! Now I must get the fabric and make my own!

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