Quilt Market, Part 3

I love so much about Quilt Market but one of my favorite things is checking out all the pretties. Fabric, patterns, notions, tools — you name it, I want to get a closer look. I do have to apologize ahead of time because, once again, I managed to get pitifully few photos on the floor. Kind of makes you wonder why I drag around my big camera for four days if I don’t actually use it. *sigh*

I’d heard lots of buzz about Don’t Look Now! from everyone who attended Spring Market, so I was really excited to check out the quilts in person. Sarah, Taffy and I probably were back in the booth at least twice every day. Love! I’m desperate to try my hand at one (or four) of these patterns, although both Taffy and Sarah have suggested I start with one of the pillows first since I’ve never done appliqué on this scale before. By the way, those are my Quilt Market-and-home besties/family with Kellie of Don’t Look Now. Don’t know what I’d do without them!

Ridiculously crazy in love with the brights of Gypsy Bandana by Pillow & Maxfield for Michael Miller. Sarah had let me come hover while the rep was at the shop, so I already had seen the fabric on headers and drooled a bit. OK, a lot. She loved it, too, so I’m looking forward to getting a bit of my own to play with in the very near future.

Oh, I wish my photo were better of these stunning Asian fabrics. I was particularly thrilled to see stripes. Utterly amazing. Glad I have some time to figure out what I’ll make with them because it would be a shame to let these just cure in my stash.

Totally enchanted by the display at The Quilted Fish. Between her new line, Sweet Divinity, for Riley Blake and all the fun patterns, I could have played all day. Oh wait …

Because, really, what’s Quilt Market without a picture of me being a dork?

I always have fun checking out the Alexander Henry booth and this Market was no different. Larkspur was everywhere and it’s going to be such fun to sew. Loved the variety of uses in the booth, from clothes to toys to tablecloths. It’s just got a great look that’s fun and whimsical without being too cutesy.

Even if Jenean Morrison had not had a vintage typewriter in her booth (swoon! can you tell I’m a writer?), I still would have loved it. She and her husband managed to create a space that was totally reflective of Jenean and her art. Serene and just so lovely — a lot like her!

This is far from all the things I fell in love with at Market, but pretty much all I managed to photograph while there. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on me to see what you may have missed. Kim at True Up is totally rocking the fabric posts, so be sure to head over there to get an incredibly comprehensive look at what was on the floor. Be sure to check out her post on David Textiles (dying over the book print!) and what’s new with Anna Griffin (who I had the pleasure of interviewing years ago and she still totally remembers me). Also? I am totally wanting an AccuCut Go! Baby (with matching pink “diaper bag”) after seeing it in action at Market. Oh Santa …

Up next: Quilt Market, Part 4 — where Mary shamelessly shows off the outfits from her book that she made with other people’s fabric for Market.

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