The subhead of this post could easily be “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

My first book signing for Little Girls, Big Style was the Saturday of Market, with my second book signing the following day. To say that I was nervous would be an understatement. My anxiety was compounded by the fact that I wrote – -by hand — my signings on 300 postcards and put the wrong times. Seriously. Would anyone show up? Would people actually want my book? My friends, bless them, were quick with the hugs, reassuring words and promises to stand in line to get their copies. (I have to give major props to Sarah and Taffy who spent nearly every minute of the trip with me and heard it all, times 10.)

When I arrived 20 minutes before my first book signing was scheduled to start, I found this:

A line! Wheeeeeee!

In all honesty, I was at Quilt Market and people will get into a line without knowing why, just on the off chance they’ll get something for free. (Which my friends were kind enough to point out after my signing. See why I love them?) But I’m going to enjoy it anyway — it certainly made my butterflies zip on out of there.

Adrianne caught me in action the first day, as did my friend Joyce at Quilting Adventures, and then Patty the next day (although darned if I can find it right now). I met so many nice folks from all over the world and also was happy to sign some books that went home with some of my favorite people (including one super sweet gal who has since left a lovely review of the book on Amazon, in spite of the fact that I would not let her have my shoes). For the first time, my book was in the hands of people outside my family and Stash/C&T and it finally felt real.

Yes, I really did write a book and now other people can read it!

Thanks to everyone who supported me, loved me, hugged me and/or came by to get a signed copy of my book. You helped make my weekend in Houston even more memorable.

Up next: Part 3 of my Quilt Market series, which is actually about some of the gorgeous fabrics we saw.

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