Alice and Her Beau

Dragoncon is definitely more fun when costumed, so of course my kids wanted to get in on the action. And, while I enjoy sewing for my sons, the real fun comes in sewing for girls, which meant I just had to sew for my son’s girlfriend, too.

Miss A loved my Japanese Gothic/Lolita sewing book and picked out a darling Alice in Wonderland ensemble. Because I procrastinated starting costumes, I decided to use some commercial patterns instead: Simplicity 4015 for the dress and apron and 2777 for the bloomers.

I thought the fit of both patterns was actually fine, although I did modify the bloomers to add elastic in the leg bands to make the fit a little more like I’d envisioned. I was a little nervous because I couldn’t have her even try on the outfit until the day before she wore it but it turned out perfectly. And she loved it, so yay!

My son’s costume is … a lot less “costumey.” Really, that’s my fault because I’d intended to order a Mad Hatter hat to paint and match but didn’t. Oy.

I did, however, make his pants. Pants! With a zipper! They’re Burda 7841 and were so incredibly easy that I will definitely be making more. I added length to the hem (he has a 34″ inseam) and will alter the darts and waistband the next time I make them to accommodate his skinny self (29″ waist, thankyouverymuch). I left off the welt pockets on the back but will add some patch pockets there when I make them again so he has a place for his wallet. Oh, if you make these, be aware that the waistband is very narrow and will require a skinny belt (the boy borrowed one from Honey that was his father’s belt in the 1960s and actually fit).

The shirt and vest are from his closet (probably bought at Target and H&M), and he’ll look a great deal more Mad Hatter-y by Halloween, provided I remember to order his hat.

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