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Once I finished up with teaching camp, I thought I’d take off the rest of the summer and hang out with the kids. After all, it’s Miss L’s last summer before Kindergarten and maybe the last year I have all three kids home for the break. That plan zipped right out the door the day I ran into a friend at Joann’s and she told me about this cool project she was working on: Sewing costumes … for a movie — and they were running short on time and seamstresses.

I practically begged her to give them my information. Three days later, I was standing in the office of the costume designer, picking up supplies and trying not to act like a complete dork. Because I totally felt like one. Seriously — I was in Target, back-to-school shopping with two of the kids when she called me and did an actual little dance when I got off the phone, which prompted my mortified teen-aged son to say, “Mom. Really? Is that necessary?” And it was.

And as cool as the whole thing is, the best thing about it for me is the meaning behind it. Here’s what the folks at Whitestone Motion Pictures posted on their blog about it:

The Candy Shop is a twenty minute film that Whitestone is now in preproduction for and will release in November. This film is being made for the Doorpost Film Project, and with support from 12Stone® Church and Street Grace.

The film is a Fairytale/Parable about the child sex trafficking epidemic that has overrun our city of Atlanta. We are using the film to raise awareness about this issue taking place in our own back yard.

Up to 500 underaged girls a month are trafficked for sex here in our city of Atlanta.
It’s the number one city in the country for child sex trafficking..
The 10th in the world.

This plague has gone on for too long, and now we at Whitestone, in cooperation with Doorpost, 12Stone® Church and StreetGrace want to put a stop to it.

This film represents the spearhead of a citywide and possibly a nationwide campaign.
It is not a documentary. It is not a PSA. It is the beginning of a movement.

How could I not want to be involved with this? Check the trailer below and, if you’re so inclined, spread the word. Every little bit helps.

The Candy Shop Teaser from Brandon McCormick on Vimeo.

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  1. What a great project to be involved in! I love the teenager’s response to your dance – of course it was necessary!

  2. Oh Mary, wow. Just wow. I am so very excited for you and can’t wait to see the costumes you got to sew!! But my heart is just breaking at the thought of what this film is about. I have been aware of human trafficking for a while because it is an issue here in CA. But I had no clue the extent in Atlanta at all. I pray that this film opens peoples eyes and blows the doors of this disgusting and life altering crime. How wonderful that you got to be a part of the change!
    .-= Sivje Parish´s last blog ..Trace- Toby and Lime Green Toes! =-.

  3. What a great project to be involved in. I can imagine that producing something so powerful and using skills you are so passionate about is sure to move you in the most unexpected ways.

    Can’t wait to follow this story.
    Spreading the word now.

  4. What a great cause! I am definitely going to be on the look out for this. I had no idea it was that bad so close to home.

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