My kingdom for a zipper

I spent most of this afternoon working on an outfit for my daughter. The top came together fairly easily, as did the skirt. Until that part where I’m supposed to sew in the zipper. Zipper?

Zipper, zipper, who’s got the zipper? Ummmmm … not me. I know I should have read those darned directions all the way through.

I now have a cute gingham peasant top and what looks it will be a skirt sooner or later. With any luck, I’ll get to swing by some random place that sells zippers tonight.

2 Replies to “My kingdom for a zipper”

  1. Read the instructions that come w/the zipper, they’re generally the best. Or just machine baste the seam closed where the zipper is to go, iron the seam allowances open and line the zipper up down the middle. Pin, then sew it neatly, folding down the top to make it look neat. 😀

  2. Angela, have I told you lately that I love you? (Oh my gosh, that is some cheesey music flashback, isn’t it? LOL!) I’ll give that a try next time. Goodness knows your gathering instructions saved my bacon. 🙂

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