Run Like The Wind

I have this thing about cute, comfortable, modest workout clothes. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that everything meet that criteria. Sadly, many pieces of workout apparel seem to be designed for 6-foot-tall 12-year-old girls, meaning it’s not only unflattering on me, it often leaves my pieces parts exposed to the world.

Oh, I left out one other criterion: Cheap. Because, yes, there are beautiful, comfortable, fully-covered-up workout clothes out there, but they often are not a price I’m wiling to pay.

My latest obsession has been finding a suitable running skirt/skort. After checking out a variety of options at stores around town, I finally hit the web and found even more — but nothing that met all four items on my list. “Man, I wish I could just make one,” I groused to my husband.

Um, why couldn’t I? A search for “running skort pattern” led me to Jalie 2796. If you’re not familiar with Jalie, it’s a Canadian pattern company that makes a variety of patterns but is probably best known for it’s figure skating offerings. Many of the patterns are sized from little girls all the way up to full-figured women, which makes the price even more of a bargain.

The pattern got nice marks at Pattern Review, so I took the plunge and ordered it, then hunted down some cotton/Lycra fabric to make what I hoped would be a wearable muslin. The reviews I read mentioned adding length to the skirt for extra coverage, so I added 3 inches to each of the skirt panels. There are two waistband options and I went with the wider one, simply because I wanted to make sure I had enough coverage in the back.

I was fully prepared to make a different size for the waistband and the skirt and compression shorts but was pleasantly surprised to see that my measurements were in line with the Y for all pieces. I did deviate from the pattern by hemming the skirt panels before I attached them to the side panels. This was not the best move — my hem is not quite right on one side — and I will do it according to the directions the next time I make this.

Yes, the next time. I’ve already bought some more fabric — this time cute melon and sorbet wicking Lycra — to make two more skirts. I’m contemplating trying the bloomers instead of the compression shorts next time. I’m finding that the shorts tend to creep up a bit when I run, which annoys me. (It doesn’t happen so much when I’m on the elliptical machine, though.)

Overall, I think the skirt is super cute and flattering (even though I think I look something boxy and chunky in that picture), easy and quick to sew (definitely a plus) and something I can see making again and again.

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  1. They are super cute! I know what you mean by needing something comfy to move in and something that flatters your body. I’m not one for exposing myself too much in my daily wear, and certainly not when I’m working out!
    .-= sadira´s last blog .. =-.

  2. Love those..I’ve been contemplating taking up running on the beach, but boy howdy, I need some coverage and support before I subject the world to THAT spectacle! lol
    .-= muralimanohar´s last blog ..Periwinkle.. =-.

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