In Bloom

Spring is here. Abruptly. Warmly. In all it’s yellow-dusted glory. (Aaachoooo!)

We have been enjoying the sunshine and longer days, often spent outdoors. After the cold gray of winter, I am eager for the brilliant colors of the new season. It’s almost like I need to absorb it to truly embrace the change.

In just a short amount of time, we’ve gone from the white of bartlett pear trees, pink of cherry blossoms and the rampant lilac of wisteria to my favorite blooms of spring: azaleas. My deep South home welcomed spring each year with an abundance of azaleas; to me, it’s not really spring until the bushes are in full bloom.

Our second year in this house, Honey and I decided to plant azaleas along both sides of the house. We made the unfortunate decision to wait about two weeks between sides, so the azalea bushes on the right side of the house had a chance to wither in their pots before planting. Of course, we didn’t realize this until the next spring when the bushes on the left side of the house started to bloom while those on the right looked like sticks. Five years later, I have the azalea bank I always wanted on one side of the house — and two lonely, diminutive azalea bushes on the opposite side.

Obviously I should stick to sewing.

3 Replies to “In Bloom”

  1. I’m sooo excited to be back in Atlanta for all of azalea season this time next year! I think camellia bushes might be my favorites though!

  2.’s spring to me when the first tree explodes into bloom…doesn’t matter what kind. But when the wisteria hits, that’s about when I sink into nirvana.

    Here, I guess when the plumeria finally comes back into bloom is when spring has sprung.

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