Quilt Talk

Recently I was asked to talk to a group about quilts. Now, I don’t consider myself a quilter and really don’t feel particularly qualified to talk about the subject, but this was a friend and I have a hard time saying no.

Everyone assured me it was no big deal, so I loaded up my quilt show-and-tell and faced my fears.

The group was enthusiastic, even if their questions were a little … unusual:

  • “Can you make the back out of marshmallows? That would be cool!”
  • “What about dinosaurs? Can you put dinosaurs on a quilt?”
  • “Do you have to use a needle to make a quilt?”
  • “Will you make a quilt for my baby brother? I just love him!”

As you might have guessed, this was no quilt guild. No, this was my daughter’s preschool class and I was a special guest during letter Q week. For the record, my answers were:

  • “It might be a little sticky, but you’d have something yummy to eat in the middle of the night if you got hungry.”
  • “Yes, you can use dinosaur fabric.”
  • “Take your finger. Now poke this quilt. Is it doing anything? Do you think you could push thread through with your finger? That’s why you need a needle.”
  • “You are a very sweet big sister!”

We sat on the floor and touched the quilts, looked at the patterns, block shapes and fabrics, and just enjoyed exploring something new. While I thought the quilts were pretty cool, the kids were most impressed by my quilting rulers — all four of them (and three of them are squares). My joke about a quilt sandwich was a huge hit, although it really doesn’t take much to amuse a bunch of 4- and 5-year-olds.

I’m still not ready to start talking quilts with the local guilds but feel free to book me for your kid’s preschool class.

7 Replies to “Quilt Talk”

  1. lol…I will be sure and tell Miss M teacher that you are free for booking. I love the question about the marshmallows….tooo funny

  2. Too funny! What was the quilt sandwich joke? I bet it was a pretty neat experience for them. I’m sure not many of them had ever talked about how quilts are made up, even if they have some at home. To the kiddos, they’re just snugglies!

  3. What fun! Marshmallows….I think that kid is onto something. Edilbe quilts seem like a fantastic idea. 😉 I LOVE your new layout too!

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